05 December 2012

Q&A Month! (2012): Question 9

Alight, it is December so time for me to finish answering all the questions that were left for me. I want to thank everyone that left a question and I should be able to finish them all this month.

This question comes from riyelalivia:

after reading kokochan comment,i think i also wanna ask about bakaleya6 ^^ from internet there is rumour about bakaleya6 just for drama and not to long periode. thats why jimusho doesnt give them official name. what do you think about it? some fans say that because in december photoshoot magz there is no group photo anymore... i really dissapointed if this is true because i like 6 of them so much ^^ is it enough fact to judge bakaleya will disband because some photo magazine they are not together anymore? and if i think again, why doesnt jimusho give them official name if agency think about debut them like kattun or kisumai?

It really is hard to say what the future will hold for Bakaleya6 and probably at this point only Johnny's knows what the fate of the group will be. They probably were not created for the long term at first but since they seen to be given more and more activities as a group and seem to be accepted as a group by fans I would not be surprised if they are pondering if they should group them officially or not.

Interestingly enough looking at the information for the January magazines only one does not have the six all listed together in order, Wink Up has Hagiya Keigo mixed in with them like for the December magazines. But I think as long as there is something Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou related they will still be grouped together, as they still have at least one loose end of the movie being released on DVD/BD that they can promote together. It will be the true test if they will continue to go on as a group or not after that is done.

We probably are not going to get anymore hints though what is going to happen to the group in the near future unless we get an announcement at the upcoming Yokohama Arena concert on the 16th of the month. So we Bakaleya6 fans are just going to have to suffer unknowing the fate of the group for a bit longer at least.

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