20 December 2012

Q&A Month! (2012): Question 14

Going back to answer the question I decided to skip this time as the information I had been waiting for is out now.

This question comes from an anonymous poster:

how do you think will NEWS fare from now on? after chankapaana and starting with world quest/pokoponpekorya.

With the numbers in for the first week of World Quest/Pokoponpekorya I think NEWS will be okay. I honestly think that any sales over 100k for the first week alone is nothing to sneeze at as there are not many Japanese releases that can do that. Is the 130k a big drop from the previous 300k of Chankapaana? Maybe, maybe not as a part of how Chankapaana got those sales is that the limited edition that had all four limited edition CDs counted for four units not one so those sales were definitely inflated. Also Chankapaana had the added interest in being the comeback single of the group and music program promotions that WQ/P lack, most likely because it is the time of the year of year end specials and a new release is not a deciding factor for who gets to be on those.

As NEWS stands they have lost their most popular members and have to in some ways start from scratch with how the group is set up and what kind of image they want to promote. Not to mention to try to find a new face of the group, which they may not even do as they all are getting chances to do projects that will help them be known to the general populace between dramas and news/sports caster positions.

I think NEWS will be a group that will be around for the long run, maybe not have the best sales numbers but they should have enough of a loyal fanbase to keep them going like the older groups as the members all do what they have done individually. In fact the group of individuals that do their own thing but can come together to do something as a group has been rather status quo for NEWS since the group had to share its members with Kanjani8. I do not see that changing but in a way I am glad for it as I think that kind of system will be a big part of why the guys will want to continue on as a group for a long time to come.


Anonymous said...

thank you for this. your insight on it is very objective, you're not bias despite them being one of your favorite groups. but do you think they can keep their no.1 streak? or 100k sales won't do that?

Thennary Nak said...

Well I love NEWS not because they are top charting artists but simply because I love the members of the group, so I have issue with recognizing if they drop in popularity/sales. Of course I would love to see them do well but there is no changing what is.

If management wants to continue the no. 1 streak they can do it if they are careful with what weeks singles are released. There tends to be quite a few weeks in the year where the top single does not reach 100k so those would be the kind of weeks they would look for. But if things get too crowded with new releases for Johnny's I can see them have NEWS loose their streak to save another group's if it comes down to it.

Anonymous said...

well unfortunately,they're releasing the utsukon dvd on the same week b'z will release theirs TT i'm kinda worried tbqh