26 December 2012

Kanjuu go Samurai

It was announced at the Kansai Junior Christmas Concert on December 25th that the Kanjuu will be starring in their own movie, titled Kansai Johnny’s Jr. no Kyoto Uzumasa Koshinkyoku!, that will be released in theaters in Japan on March 30th. The two main leads will be played by Kiriyama Akito and Shigeoka Daiki with Kanjuu, Nakama Junta, Hamanaka Bunichi, Fujii Ryusei, Kotaki Nozomu, and Mukai Koji also being in the cast.

The Kanjuu will do the theme song, NOT FINALE, for the movie and plan out the choreography for it.

JE News Daily article (English)

This announcement has me so happy. Things really feel like they are looking good for the Kanjuu. Sure they still do not get all the chances and breaks that their Tokyo counterparts do but you can hardly say getting their own movie is all that shabby. Especially when there is also a Tokyo concert coming up for them as well.

I hope that the theme song they will do will get released as a single. I think if the Tokyo Juniors can get all kinds of one off singles and temporary groups that get to release something the Kanjuu should be able to get the same chance. Not to mention if Johnny's wants to gauge the selling potential of the Kanjuu, or at least this group of them, it would be a great way to do so.

Like always I hope this is something that will lead to a debut of a Kanjuu group. Right now I just really want B.A.D. to debut in a group, especially Kiriyama as he has really begun to impress me recently with his interactions with the other Kanjuu. I have always though him to be talented with his singing, though in the past in need to knowing to dial it back a bit as he had the habit of overpowering everyone else.

EDIT: Speaking of that Tokyo concert, it has become concerts as there are now three concerts scheduled for the Kanjuu to do on January 1st, the first at noon followed by one at 3pm and the final at 6pm.

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