23 December 2012

Piece Ep. 11 first impressions

Again I must start by mentioning that at this point in the drama I am pretty lost with some parts of what is going on. Some of it is easy enough to follow along based on what I can understand of Japanese and just the knowing the usual ticks for Japanese dramas from watching quite a few.

We get to see what Hiro looks like older and oddly enough he looks like he could be Hikaru's twin brother. Kinda odd when in the photo from when they were kids they looked nothing alike. But looks seems to be the only thing they are exactly the same as because we see that Hiro is a very timid person.

In the flashback we see (which is supposed to have happened seven years ago) we see the guy Hikaru met with last episode try to get Hiro to beat a dog with a lead pipe. Hiro does not want to and Hikaru, who was nearby with friends, hears that Hiro is in trouble and goes running. His friends show up later and find Hikaru with the pipe in his hand and the guy on the ground covered in blood with Hiro cowering nearby.

After Yanai tells Mizuho that this is dangerous based on that story he was told Mizuho still wants to continue. Yanai goes home for the day and Mizuho with Remi start their own walk home. Remi though is frustrated with Mizuho and ends up storming off from her on the way. We then get Remi flashback to meeting a guy she ended up dating and things end in the flashback with them deciding to go to a love hotel together.

The next day the trio go back to continue the search and visit the apartment of the guy Hikaru visited the episode before. We learn that his name is Maruo and that he went off with Hikaru from his girlfriend who they talk to.

We learn from her that Origuchi visited them to talk to Maruo about Hiro. Not sure when this was supposed to have happened but I would assume sometime within the past three years.

We get to see Hikaru and Maruo in a hotel room. I really have no clear idea what they are doing other than it seems to be connected to Origuchi and Hiro. But Maruo gets a call from his girlfriend that brings up the visitors she got earlier that day and he passes on that information to Hikaru. So he knows that Mizuho and company are probably looking for him as well.

Remi stays over at Mizuho's and they end up talking about love and Remi tells Mizuho that the feelings that she talks about that make her uncertain about being in love sound like love to her. I still think Remi knows something more about everything but it is nice to see the two seem to get closer as friends as I think the both need someone they can talk to about these things and be honest with.

Mizuho gets woken up in the morning with a phone call from Maruo's girlfriend. She tells her that Hikaru is somewhere in Yokohama. Mizuho heads off there alone and passes by a familiar face, Narumi's older brother Hiro.

I really do not care for Hiro looking like an identical twin of Hikaru. In a way I can see it thematically making sense with the two perhaps being presented as two different sides of the same coin kinda thing, but it just is so implausible it comes off as silly. Especially when we have seen the two look so vastly different as children.

Either way though I have stuck with the drama this long I might as well see it to the end, and I would like to know how things unfold regardless.

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