20 December 2012

My Resistance is futile

Kis-My-Ft2 is not going to slow down anytime soon and already has a new single lined up for 2013. It will be released on February 13th and will be title My Resistance -Tashikana Mono-/(title to be announced), or sort of as they did not announce the song title for the other A-side song. As a double A-side though it means there is of course going to be three versions of the single for general purchase.

My Resistance is the theme song of the drama series Nobunaga no Chef and the other song will be a CM tie-in song.

The first limited edition will have the title tracks and a DVD that will feature the PV for My Resistance as well as the making of.

The second limited edition will have the same CD content and also come with a DVD but with the PV of the other A-side song and the making of for that.

The regular edition will have both tracks plus a bonus B-side not on either of the limited editions. The first press edition of the regular edition will come with a mini photo book that will be randomly selected from three types.

Not surprised by this single, in fact I was sure with Tamamori Yuta starring in a drama this upcoming drama season we would get a theme song tie-in for the group for it. So I expect we should start hearing previews for the song soon when the previews for the drama start coming out.

The CM tie-in interests me, as we do not have a lot of information about it yet. I enjoyed the last one they had with SHE! HER! HER!, though the song did have to grow on me first.

Either way I will just be getting the regular edition as I am certain sometime down the road we will get a PV collection seeing that they are on Avex and all. Plus it is always nice to save some money.

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