07 May 2013

Wink Up Dec. 2011 Matsushima So profile translation

I have tried to make it a habit to pick up one of the usual mainly Johnny's magazines when a group debuts. Because of finances at certain points I have not been able to keep a perfect record for this, but I did manage to get the Wink Up issue for Sexy Zone's debut. Since I want to spotlight Matsushima So and Marius Yo as well as start doing some more translations I decided that starting with translating the profiles of the two in the magazine would be a good start.

With all my translations I will have a scan of the page, partly so if someone wants to double check my translation they can do so easily.

Name: Matsushima So
Nickname: So, Mattsuu
Birthdate: November 27th 1997
Blood type: A
Birthplace: Shizuoka Prefecture
Height: 148 cm
Weight: 37 kg
Foot size: 25.5 cm
Special skill: snowboarding, cooking
Family cooking you like: Chinese-style fried rice
Sweets you like: grapes
Admired sempai: Chinen Yuri
Johnny's song you like: Hey! Say! JUMP's Shinku and Hey! Say! 7's GET!!
First stage: Hey! Say! JUMP & [Yuuki 100%] in Yokohama Arena

I think my first thought about this page after getting past how overly photo shopped So is, is how much So has grown. He still may have a young look about him but there is little doubt that since debut he has grown up some. Which probably should come as no surprise as he was just shy of fifteen when the group released their debut single and will be turning sixteen at the end of this year.

I did not realize that he is a Hey! Say! JUMP fan. Even though this group has some pretty strong ties with HSJ, as they were the group they mainly back danced for as Juniors, none seem to be fans of the group outside of So. And I am now a bit more interested in the kid as I want to believe it is more than a surface level interest in the group with him listing an album track and B-side as favorite songs from the group, and sub-unit.

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