20 June 2013

Kisumai is Luv Sick

We have the announcement of who is doing the theme song for the upcoming late nigh NTV drama, Kamen Teacher. It will be Kis-My-Ft2 with a song titled Luv Sick, and no word on a single for it.

Excite News Japan (Japanese)

Johnny's is just now rounding out the releases for July, as they tend to be the last to announce releases for upcoming dates, so I expect that this song will be on a double A-side with Kimi tono Kiseki that will be released in August, so it can be released around the same time as the group's 3rd2nd anniversary since debut. So I would expect the single announcement to come either by the end of this month or early next month.

I cannot believe it will already be threetwo years since Kisumai debuted. It still feels like they had just debuted to me. But they are already well on track for having the same release schedule for next year which has me already looking forward to their next album. I really would not be surprised if for their fifth year they release a best album, as they would have plenty of A-sides for that. And Avex does like releasing best albums.

Kisumai is definitely the hotshot debut for Johnny's and I hope the group keeps moving steadily forward.

EDIT: And apparently I cannot count, so it has only been two years. I guess not counting the debut single as a year would help with getting the right number...

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