24 June 2013


And I was right in guessing that Kis-My-Ft2's new single will be released in August. It will be released on August 14th and will only have one title track, Kimi tono Kiseki. It will come in three versions, two limited editions and a regular edition with the B-side on all three of them being titled Tanagokoro.

The first limited edition, Type A, is the usual kind with the title track, the B-side and a DVD with the PV for the title track and the making of video for it.

The second limited edition, Type B, has the same CD contents but the DVD that it has with it will have a PV for the B-side Tanagokoro, and the making of for that.

The regular edition will have the two tracks on the limited editions as well as one other B-side Diamond Honey. It will also have the first press bonus of coming with one of three 12-page booklets.

I am rather surprised that this single will not have Luv Sick on it, as that will be the theme of the drama Fujigaya Taisuke is starring in. I wonder if that is being saved for a later release and for which one. Whatever the case I am bound to eventually buy whatever release it will be on.

So there will be no need to guess about this single. I guess this will be the song that the group will be performing on the upcoming music programs they are scheduled for and I cannot wait to see it.

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