About Me

I go by the name Thennary Nak online.

Personal history

I was born in Australia but lived most of my life in the U.S. I have lived in various locations in the U.S. but I consider Western Washington State the place I am from as it felt the most like home to me. Unfortunately I am not currently living there but hope I could move back one day.

While in university I went to Japan to be an exchange student for about a year. I attended Sophia University there and stayed in Saitama during my stay.

I graduated university with a B.A. in Asian Studies and I am currently searching for employment because the economy is terrible and degrees no longer guarantee jobs, only lots of debt.

J-pop fan history

I have been into Japanese pop music since 1999 when I discovered Utada Hikaru and her debut album First Love.

I did not get into Johnny's until 2007 when an online friend would not stop talking about a new group she had found and loved, NEWS. NEWS was the first Johnny's group I loved and was the gateway into the rest of Johnny's as I discovered their connections to the other Johnny's groups.

At the very end of 2007 I decided to start my blog here at Blogger. At first it was solely devoted to Johnny's but as I have expanded to following some other idol groups I have decided to expand a little on the blog to write about those sometimes as well.

Other blogging pages

I am a member of the Idol Minded staff. There I contribute regularly to the Recommended Reading posts.

I also have a blog dedicated to female J-idol groups at Morning Girls on the Run.

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Can you tell me how you did it?

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Hope you can help..thanks.

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