19 March 2016

Blog Announcement

In light of the recent inactivity of my blogs I have made the decision to consolidate them all into one. What this will mean for Never Ending Music Power is that as a stand alone blog it is ending.

Saying good-bye to the this blog is not easy. I honestly want to cry as I hate the idea of ending it. But I need to be realistic and there is no way for me to continue on in a way I will be happy with the outcome. I began this blog at the end of 2007, so to have it last as long as it has is something I feel proud of. And in a way it will continue on as a part of Thennary Speaks.

And honestly I am not as interested in Johnny's as I once was. I still love NEWS and Kis-My-Ft2, enjoy TOKIO and A.B.C-Z, and hope for the day SixTONES debuts, but outside of that my interest has waned. So it just feels like it would be more of a chore to keep this blog running than the fun it is supposed to be.

I will be moving all the posts here to Thennary Speaks when I have the free time to do so. Once they have been moved I will delete them here. So if you find a post missing that is most likely why.

Thank you to everyone who visited and commented. It encouraged me to keep going in the past when I thought about stopping before. But with where my life is now I cannot continue on the way I had in the past, which is why this time things are changing in a major way.

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