30 May 2013

Still a Bakaleya6 fan

I know that by now it is useless to keep waiting for Bakaleya6; Morimoto Shintaro, Jesse, Tanaka Juri, Matsumura Hokuto, Kyomoto Taiga, and Kochi Yugo, to be grouped into a proper group. But I still see them as the Bakaleya6 as they are still a grouping of my favorite Juniors. Plus it is easier to keep them under this grouping name than having to list their names individually.

And I have the feeling that the group of Juniors in Bad Boys J will end up becoming the BBJ to me, if just because it finally gives a grouping name for most of the "older" Juniors.

I do still hope the guys of Bakaleya6 will be able to debut in the same group someday, or groups if they must be split up, overall I just want all six to debut someday. I think at this point Hokuto and Jesse are being set for debut with the amount of drama work they have been getting post-Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou. I would say Shintaro would be in the same, but he has not had as much work though that could be in part be because of his age. The other three have things going for them but not at the kind of level of the other three when it comes to getting the general public to know who they are. Though there does seem to be some steady pushing for Tanaka Juri, I can only assume that Johnny's really wants to eventually debut him as then he and Tanaka Koki can be the first brothers to have both debuted as Johnny's, especially as they cannot do that with the Morimoto brothers anymore. And Kyomoto may be at a start of a push, now that he has a flexible schedule, but we will see how things go.

I think all six have strengths to offer any group, which is why I feel like they should all debut, and I would be happy for any debut news for any of them. Until then I will remain a fan of this grouping, even though I am not holding my breath in seeing much of them all together. But if these six all debut eventually I will be happy in the end.

29 May 2013

No one is coming to your house when you're dressed like that.

The covers for Hey! Say! JUMP's upcoming single, Come On A My House, are out and look to be as inspired as this single feels, almost none. I put the almost there as the regular edition cover actually looks good, not great, but much better than both limited editions.

The suit jackets are hideous, but I love that there is a sense of action and with all the other colors it is easier to ignore those jackets. And I like the font, if mainly for the fact they turned the "A" into a house, which while cheesy is the kind of cheesy I enjoy.

The limited edition on the other hand is just bland. The first cover has them in the hideous jackets while the second one is this. They are both in front of the same background, that screams cheaply CGIed. Not only that but this cover looks off with the guys. I almost want to say that they probably CGIed over the other suits  to make these as it just looks more photoshopped than the other. I think I am going to have to see the physical versions of the covers to see if my hunch is right. It would not be the first time Johnny's changed the look of an outfit in post production.

If you want to see the other cover then check out this post over at JE News Daily where I got these from.

The Shounen Club 12 August 2007 review

And we get another NEWS-centric episode with some Juniors here and there.

The episode begins with the main Juniors being introduced followed by NEWS. No changes from the previous episode so there are no surprise Juniors getting some promotion in the episode.

The theme is a continuation from the past episode, Natsu part 2 (summer part 2). The theme medley this time was mainly NEWS though Nakamaru Yuichi and a few of the Juniors are mixed in. Such as Yamashita Shoon and Ayukawa Taiyo singing with Kato Shigeaki to start the medley off.

B.A.D. get to join Nakamaru to sing the lone KAT-TUN song in the medley, Yorokobi no Uta. I do not remember that song having a connection to summer, so I suspect it was in there to have a KAT-TUN song for Nakamaru to sing and it was a recent single for the group.

The first MC segment is with BOYS and OSSaN, with each group talking about something in relation to summer for them. For OSSaN it was the fact that the summer was their group anniversary while with BOYS they picked going to the beach.

All three Kansai Junior groups take the stage for the following performance of the song Blow out. It is a rock song sung by all the groups and it still gets performed by the Kanjuu in concerts.

The next MC has Shige sharing something connected to summer. He tells a story about going on a vacation with Koyama Keiichiro to Hawaii and finding a lizard on a piano while there. Koyama was the one who found out and let out a yell, that Shige continues to imitate throughout the rest of the conversation.

After Shige and Koyama go to get ready on stage Taiyo and Shoon come out to give their summer stories. Taiyo's was about peaches while Shoon tells a story about his family going to see the fireworks and his father taking a lot of pictures but forgetting to have put any film in the camera before hand.

NEWS then performs SHOCK ME, which is one of their B-sides. The song has plenty of breaks between lyrics to have the members show off various dance moves.

The game segment is NEWS mania, but since they do not have most of the known Juniors it is different from past mania segments. The members of NEWS are the participants with Nakamaru the host with Shoon and Taiyo as supporters. The members of NEWS are asked questions about each member and they have to write what they think is the correct answer. The one(s) that got the most wrong have to do one of the usual embarrassing love confession/saying things to the camera.

From early on it is safe to say Koyama and Shige would not be the losers of this game seeing as being the close friends they are they were pretty much guaranteed to get the questions about each other right. It was interesting to see which questions stumped everyone and which everyone, or pretty much everyone, easily got right.

Nakamaru then gets to talk alone in a MC segment and talks about going with friends to an onsen during the summer.

Up next is FIVE performing their song I&I. I cannot remember if the group performed on the show before or not, especially since it is now usually Question? on the program as the live band. Of course this group is no longer in Johnny's. They quit and started over under the name Plan-B and seem to be doing well for an indies band.

The Junior ni Q segment focuses on the Kansai Juniors that are there for the month. Nakama Junta is up first and his answer is yukata, the traditional dress that is mostly worn by girls at the summer festivals.

Yamasaki Kunta gets asked about his answer of kimodameshi, which is the tests of courage that Japanese youth do where they enter a scary looking place.

Kiriyama Akito is the last one the have talk about his answer, which is his birthday. He is probably pushing it a bit for it being summer related as it is August 31st, which is the last day of the last month of summer.

Nishikido Ryo then gets to talk about summer. He talks about going to the ocean in Okinawa and tacks on getting a scuba license which Koyama has to point out is a lie.

Ryo performs a solo song then, code. I have never been overly impressed with Ryo's solo songs. It is not that I think they are bad but they have the tendency to sound similar to each other. I am amused at the fact they used grawlix for his yeahs in the song seeing as grawlix is traditionally used to replace printing swear words.

The episode closes out with NEWS performing their comeback single, Hoshi o Mezamashite. I love this song; it was the first NEWS song I heard and I have loved it ever since. And I think the stage fog works well for this performance, if just because of how the black outfits look in contrast to it.

With this month done we should be getting back to the Tokyo Juniors again officially with the next episode. I am excited for that as it should mean seeing the Junior Hey! Say! 7 performing on the program. Also it means we are nor far from Okamoto Keito making his SC debut in all his awkwardness.

But I was happy with this detour to all that as we get the return of NEWS as guests for the program and get to see a bit more of some of the Kanjuu.

28 May 2013

AKS Master Post 013

This post will mainly be just going over the upcoming NMB48 single, Bokura no Euruka, which will be coming out June 19th. The single has the usual amount of versions, three store versions and one theater version. The type A has the Shirogumi song, type B has the Akagumi, while type C has a Namba Teppoutai Sono San song.

The theater version will have the title track, the Akagumi and Shirogumi songs, and Yamamoto Sayaka's (Sayaka) second solo song, Sayanee.

NMB48 OHP (Japanese)

The senbatsu for the title song is: Ogasawara Mayu (Team N); Kotani Riho (Team N); Jonishi Kei (Team N); Ichikawa Miori (Team N); Shiroma Miru (Team N); Yamamoto Sayaka (Team N); Yoshida Akari (Team N); Watanabe Miyuki (Team N); Shimada Rena (Team M); Takano Yui (Team M); Tanigawa Airi (Team M); Yagura Fuuko (Team M); Yamada Nana (Team M); Yogi Keila (Team M); Kato Yuka (Team BII); Yabushita Shu (Team BII)

Shirogumi is: Kishino Rika (Team N); Ogasawara Mayu (Team N); Kinoshita Haruna (Team N); Yamaguchi Yuki (Team N); Kadowaki Kanako (Team N); Yamamoto Sayaka (Team N); Azuma Yuki (Team M); Yamagishi Natsumi (Team M); Yamada Nana (Team M); Murakami Ayaka (Team M); Kusaka Konomi (Team BII); Kamieda Emika (Team BII)

Akagumi is: Ichikawa Miori (Team N); Koga Narumi (Team N); Kondo Rina (Team N); Watanabe Miyuki (Team N); Mita Mao (Team M); Okita Ayaka  (Team M); Kawakami Rena  (Team M); Yagura Fuuko (Team M); Kinoshita Momoka (Team M); Kurokawa Hazuki (Team BII); Muro Kanako (Team BII); Kobayashi Rikako (Team BII)

And Namba Teppoutai Sono San is: Shiroma Miru (Team N); Nishimura Aika (Team N); Murase Sae (Team M); Yogi Keila (Team M); Akazawa Hono (Team BII); Ota Yuuri (Team BII); Shibuya Nagisa (Kenkyuusei); Yamao Rina (Kenkyuusei)

Looking at the lists it does look like they are trying to promote Team M more than they have been, though it helps that Yamada Nana (Nana) is now Team M.

I already am favoring the Shirogumi for this single as it has Yamaguchi Yuki (Yuppi). It also helps that it is the group with Sayaka and Nana as well. If it was not for the theater version having a Sayaka solo I would have easily decided to have gotten the type A but instead I will be getting the theater edition of the CD. But I will make sure to buy the PV of the Shirogumi song off of the Japanese iTunes for those three.

The Namba Teppoutai Sono San of course is just a continuation of the unit from the past two singles. With Yogi Keila (Keila) and Shiroma Miru (Mirurun) in the senbatsu for this single I have the feeling that they are next to leave this grouping with the next single. And I would love to see that as I like them both and want to see them do more.

The full version of the PV is out already as well as a look at the bikini version. What interests me the most is that the full PV ends with a "to be continued", so I am wondering if the next single is already planned to at least have its PV linked to this one. I hope so, as I am a sucker for that kind of thing when it comes to PVs and the story line is one of the strongest things for it as the song is just so bland.

And Nana is indeed back to her position as the group's number three after Sayaka and Watanabe Miyuki (Milky). Ichikawa Miori (Miorin), the AKB48 concurrent member, was placed with the second tier girls instead of getting placed up with the top three like Yokoyama Yui was, which seems to have been more a reflection of general popularity of the two then to simple use NMB48 as a vehicle to promote them more.

I would like to note that I do appreciate the fact that for the bikini version of the PV the youngest girls in the senbatsu, Keila (13) and Yabushita Shu (14) are not in bikinis. I feel I should at least give some props to AKS for at least keeping with giving the younger girls more to cover themselves up with for these kinds of PVs. Especially when they have plenty of older girls that do not mind being in the skimpier outfits.

And I think I have rambled on long enough for this for now.

27 May 2013

More Johnny's for Kamen Teacher

Like I expected there is more information out about the recently announced NTV drama, Kamen Teacher. It stars Fujigaya Taisuke and will begin airing on July 6th from 2450 to 2520, so this is the replacement drama for Bad Boys J.

Other Johnny's that will be a part of the cast are; Kikuchi Fuma, Jesse, Kishi Yuta, Kyomoto Taiga, Tsukada Ryuichi and Takada Sho. As Takada is not listed on the OHP but in the news articles it is being assumed that he has a small part or one that is not a reoccurring role.

Kamen Teacher NTV OHP (Japanese)
Anime News Network article (English)

Knowing that this is the late night NTV drama for summer skews my expectations for it now. I think Pin to Kona is going to be the bigger drama of the two and will probably end up with Kis-My-Ft2 doing the theme for it and this one as well. So it will be a bit like the Wanna Beee!!!/Shake it up single again if my instincts are right about it.

Seeing as the NTV late night dramas tend to focus on the more recently debuted groups and Juniors the cast is no surprise, especially after BBJ who also had a member from each group then Juniors be the main cast. I am glad to see that Sexy Zone is getting their members out there in dramas finally. Same for A.B.C-Z, and it does make be quite happy to see another member other than Hashimoto Ryosuke get a drama role. The group may manage to get somewhere eventually the way they are going and now that they seem to be getting these breaks here and there.

I am surprised to see that Jesse has two dramas for the summer season. I can only assume both roles are not that big, and it probably helps that Kamen Teacher will only be a half hour drama series. Without a doubt Johnny's wants to make him into a star for them.

And I am happy to see Taiga getting another drama role. After he transferred to Horikoshi High School I expected to see his work load increase but it really did not until he got the role in Takizawa Enbujo and now this role. So hopefully he will continue on with steady work from now on.

Johnny's Under 100: Marius Yo

Marius Yo
Group: Sexy Zone
Birthdate: March 30th, 2000

Marius has the distinction of being the first half-Japanese Johnny’s to debut as well as the youngest being only 11 at the time. At 13 now he is finally losing some of the awkwardness he started out with. He is also well on his way to towering over his group mates.

He is surprisingly the member of Sexy Zone that probably has had the most acting work post debut with a supporting role in a drama, a movie then a lead role as well as voice acting for a musical. I hope this continues as time goes on.

26 May 2013

Masked Teacher Fujigaya?

Looks like Tamamori Yuta is not the only Kis-My-Ft2 member starring in a drama for the summer season. It has been announced in the magazine the Kamen Teacher manga series by Fujisawa Toru (creator of GTO) that the series will be adapted into a drama this summer. It will start in July and air on NTV.

This surprised me as I did not think we would get more than one member starring in a drama for a season so soon. Of course this makes me wonder about if Kisumai will be doing the theme songs for both dramas or only one series. If Johnny's really wanted to they could have Nakayama Yuma cover the theme song for Pin to Kona, as he has yet to release something since his solo debut CD, if they will have Kisumai only doing one theme song. But I guess things will start becoming clear next month when we should be getting previews for these series.

Being a school drama, based in a high school from what I can tell, I would not be surprised to see another Johnny's or two being attached to this drama. I have already heard that there is a rumor that Kikuchi Fuma might be in the drama as well, but for now I will not put too much faith in it. With the announcement in the manga magazine I can only assume that there will be some more information about the drama coming out shortly and will hopefully give more details about the cast.

25 May 2013

The Shounen Club 5 August 2007 review

The 2007 August episodes are a bit of a weird month as it is one of those times that most of the Juniors are busy doing something else, I believe there were Junior summer concerts for this, so the program has to focus on something else than the usual Juniors.

That something else, for this episode and most likely the next as well, is NEWS. The group finally makes their comeback to the program since Kusano Hironori's scandal. Of course they are now down to the six member unit that they will be for a few years, but they are back and because of the lack of the usual Juniors get to have this episode be a NEWS Special episode.

This is not a Shounen Club without any Juniors to note though as there is at least Yamashita Shoon and Ayukawa Taiyo from Ya-Ya-Yah there as well and FIVE. Then they brought over the older Kansai Junior groups, B.A.D., BOYS and OSSaN.

The episode does have a theme, Natsu (summer), as well as the usual medley that goes with it. Though the medley seems like it doubles as a Kansai medley as the Kanjuu groups are the ones performing in it and are eventually joined by Nishikido Ryo.

The first MC corner goes to Tegomass as they discuss the theme of the episode. They talk about being in Taiwan and of course Massu brings up a Taiwanese food that he loved having while there. They also bring up that NEWS will be performing in Taiwan later that year.

Tegomass then perform Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~, which is the title track of their latest single at that time.

The next MC is with Nakamaru Yuichi talking to B.A.D. about the theme. Nakama Junta talks about a incident from when he was four years old and in Hawaii for a vacation. Kiriyama Akito talks about getting shaved ice with three of his friends and winning a contest, which I am assuming was eating it. Nakamaru messes up Kiriyama's name and then makes it into a running gag for the rest of this segment.

NEWS then performs Sayaendo. I an happy that they broke out the concert outfits for the performance so we have pirate!NEWS. I also love how they have the skull and crossbones as a word in the lyrics as if it was just another kanji character. And of course I just love this song.

We have NEWS o Abake in place of a game segment. NEWS was always a great group for the Abake segments as they have no issue with trying to mess with each other. In fact the segment starts off with Koyama Keiichiro trying to mess with Yamashita Tomohisa.

I will not get too much into the segment as I know it has been fansubbed and it is well worth hunting it down to watch. But I do love how the tease each other and seem to know who is saying what, or seem to have a good idea, even with the blindfolds and voice changing.

Following this we get to see the Juniors again, this time Shoon and Taiyo get the stage as they both do solo performances before ending it as a duo. I loved seeing Shoon sing solo finally, as I find that he has the most pleasant sounding voice in Yax3.

There is then a VTR segment that officially introduces the Junior Hey! Say! 7. They show the music video of their single song, Hey! Say!.

During the music video there is a break where each member gets to talk about their summer, as well as have their basic information shown on the screen to continue the introduction of the group.

The final MC segment is with Yamapi. He talks about sunsets on beaches when it comes to summer.

Yamapi then performs a medley of his solo songs. And there are finally Juniors back dancing that I recognize. Not only Shoon and Taiyo though as there is a little Jesse as well, who even gets a mic to sing at parts in Fever to Future with a few other little Juniors.

NEWS of course close out the show by performing one of their songs, Kirameki no Kanata e. They start it off with Ryo, Shige, Tegoshi and Massu walking up to the stage from the audience area. Then finish with everyone on stage, ending the episode.

The show has gotten good enough with showcasing the Juniors overall that I am not too annoyed with having a debuted group be the focus. Of course a big part of that is also the fact that I know that most of the usual Juniors were unavailable anyway and the ones that were there were either not well known or too few to be able to guarantee the ratings the show needs.

Though if you are not a fan of NEWS or the Kansai Juniors you could probably skip this episode, unless you are a fan of the few Tokyo Juniors in it and you may want to skip around to the parts that they are featured in.

23 May 2013

Tegomass wants your cat (photos)

It has been announced that Tegomass is having a photo contest for their fans to show off their cat pride. The photos submitted will have the chance to be chosen to be included in the booklet of the duo's upcoming album. The end date will be June 30th.

For more details check out the link below.

JE News Daily (English)

Honestly I am not surprised that there will be a Tegomass album coming up. They have released singles recently and I doubted that they were going to put those tracks on a NEWS album. The question now becomes when this will be released, but all there really is to go on is that it will be sometime after June 30th.

I still hold on to the belief that we will be getting the NEWS single and album before the NEWS concert over the summer so I have the feeling this album will be released after the tour.

22 May 2013

Tantei Gakuen Q SP first impressions

I felt like I should do something special because it is my birthday today and decided that I would do a review I had been wanting to do for some time now.

I have always felt bad for never finding the time to watch this drama even though I have always meant to. I figure once I finish up with Sprout I will go ahead and watch the series. Since the SP aired first I figured there would be no harm in jumping things a bit and at least watch and review it. This is also a good example of a series that does not have a Johnny's as the lead actor but at least as a main supporting character, so I am willing to review it on this blog. Otherwise it would have only been reviewed on my other blog.

Tantei Gakuen Q is based off a shounen manga series of the same name. This series has also had an anime adaption. The special aired in the summer 2006, the series aired a year after but for the most part the cast remained unchanged.

The basic premise of the series is that there is a master detective named Dan Morihiko who runs a school for detectives. He has decided to recruit a new class which attracts a motley crew, mostly children, who pass his tests to become his students. This special covers those tests and show how they passed them.

While Yamada Ryosuke was the initial actor that sparked my interest in this drama looking at it now it has other young up and coming stars in its cast to be noted, mainly Kamiki Ryonosuke and Shida Mirai. From other dramas I recognize Kaname Jun, and since I liked him in those other dramas I am happy to see him in this one.

I though Kamiki did well for a young lead. Being shounen things are naturally a bit over the top with the dramatic aspects but he did those fine. I am not surprised at all that he has gone on to do well as an actor. And I appreciated that the character, Kyu, actually cared for the victims. With mystery series it is easy to not even try to connect with murder victims, as they are dead, and just focus on the living. So it was nice to see that changed up a bit here.

Yamada as Amakusa Ryu really did not have a lot to do in terms of acting. The character is the standard cool and aloof type, though over the course of the special he does show a kinder side and even smiles. I expect that the series will give him more to do as the special was mainly focusing on the lead and Shida Mirai's character, Minami Megumi.

One issue I had with the drama was probably just the fact that even though I knew this was a shounen series I was still not prepared to see usual shounen tropes being pulled out. This is mainly the fact that the mystery did not seem as developed as I would have liked, as not a lot of attention was put to trying to figure out who the culprit was or the motive. I guess the series is probably more Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys than the typical mystery novel, with how there are little side adventures thrown in. There is also extra emphasis on friendship and having unbridled passion for something which fall into the common shounen tropes territory.

I doubt this will bother me going forward now that I know that is how things are bound to play out for the series, it just took me out of things until I figured it out while watching this though.

Overall I liked it. I do not think it is going to be a favorite series but I am still glad that I am finally watching this series. I will look forward to watching dramas with the younger members of this cast afterwords to see how they have improved since.

And while the mysteries never went as in depth as I would have liked they made sense and the audience could figure them out along with the characters, two big pluses for any series that is about mysteries. And with the time more constrained in a weekly series, as this special was about an hour and a half, I am hoping things keep more focused on the main story of the episode than this special was.

The Shounen Club 8 July 2007 review

I feel sad that this is the last of the Osaka episodes for this season. If anything it makes me grateful that in the latest season of Shounen Club the Kansai Juniors have been worked in to be regularly featured in the episodes.

Things start off with dance introductions of all the main Juniors in the episode, starting with Yabu Kota and Yaotome Hikaru, who are being considered as their full group Ya-Ya-Yah.

In the intros we get to see Little Gangs, which is the group of little Kansai Juniors. Much like Junior Boys like group does not have fixed members so much as it is the group certain Juniors get put into until Johnny's figures what they want to do with them.

The main MCs are the same as with the last episode, Koyama Keiichiro and Murakami Shingo. The theme of the episode is color.

The theme medley is a Kansai Color medley. There are not as many of the Kanjuu highlighted as both members of B.A.D. get solos. But Kiriyama Akito proves to already have that magnetic quality for when he performs that just draws you in.

The medley has Hamada Takahiro singing with some of the young Kanjuu which includes an awkward looking Shigeoka Daiki. It is strange to see Shige not be front and center of something as I have gotten used to that over the years.

This is followed by an MC with OSSaN, who get to introduce themselves. I do not believe any of the members of the group are still with the agency. As with Kanjuu their attrition rate seems to be much worse than with the Tokyo Juniors.

Kanjani8 then perform their song, Mystical. Since this is a song that uses the band members of the group they are tied to the main stage. Since this song does not really have choreography it would have been better to let some of the members do something like leave the stage, IMHO.

With Kanjani8 being the next group for the following MC they get to talk about their Eight Ranger skit, introducing themselves with their respective colors. Hina introduces himself as Murakami Purple and the conversation does bring up changing purple with nasu (eggplant, which can have a purple color). Seeing as nasu is the name of his ranger color now I guess that ended up winning in the end.

Following this is Yabu Kota and Yaotome Hikaru performing a solo medley. Yabu sings Arashi no Carnival, which I believe is for the first time on SC. While Hikaru performs his usual solo, Gentles.

Up next is the game segment, which has Yokoyama Yu and Hina as announcers and Koyama as the judge. The Kanjuu have been split into two teams, Naniwa Guts Boys and Osaka Nande Yanenzu.

Most of the Juniors that get to show off their talents I do not recognize and can only assume have since quit. It seems like a complete pity to have a segment like this to showcase some of the lesser known Kanjuu to have them fade into obscurity afterwards. Hamada though gets to do a magic trick with a coin.

Then there is my least favorite segment of the show, Shiroyagi to Kuroyagi. I was hoping they would have only done this once for the month so it could be skipped this episode. Yoko is still the best thing about this corner this time around though he does not do as well as the previous one in making it almost bearable to watch.

Koyama gets to perform a solo this episode, Love Addiction. Like all the recent solo songs from the remaining four member's of NEWS this one does have a CD release with the group's best album. I rather love that this camera view makes it look like it could be a performance in a club rather than a larger venue.

The performance leads into Nishikido Ryo joining Koyama so they can sing NEWS' Hoshi o Mezashite. This is the closest to having NEWS sing the song on the program yet. With only two voices though the song just does not sound right to me though.

The Junior ni Q is about charm points. The first up is Backes Kento, who wrote down that his ears are his charm point.

Fujii Ryusei just draws his charm points, his height and the way his bangs are cut, so he is called over to explain them. And that is it for Juniors that I can recognize and believe to be still with Johnny's.

This is followed by a letter exchange between the members of B.A.D., Kiriyama and Nakama Junta. I found it cute that Kiriyama finished his letter with some Chinese and Junta finished his with some English.

Since the two are on stage already they move into a performance of their song Magnetic. While I love the duo I have not cared too much for the songs that they have been given overall. Magnetic is an alright song but sounds rather dated and more like something that would have been fit right in with the kind of music coming out in the 90s.

It is then time to wrap up the episode. The ending song this time is Mugendai which is performed by K8 solely at first. Near the end the Juniors come out and join then to finish it up.

After not having Osaka episodes last season it felt great to have them back this season. Especially since the Juniors getting introduced here are some of the ones that have gone on to be the main Kansai Juniors. Of course there are also quite a few Kanjuu in the episode that are not seen again, which is sad but I am sure if the Tokyo Juniors only had one month of SC episodes a year they would have the same thing with them.

With the next episode we are back to focusing on the Tokyo Juniors, and we should get the Junior Hey! Say! 7 introduced.