21 June 2013

NEWS covers

Limited A
The covers for NEWS' upcoming album as well as the rest of the song titles is now out. The untitled first track is a bit hard to share as it uses a created character of a '4' that looks like it is sitting on a '+'. Thankfully it is not the full title as it has ~compass~ after it, which I will assume is how it is meant to be pronounced. It will also be how I am going to write the title as I have no clue in how to create a special character to type.

Limited B
The solo song titles that will be on the Limited B version are; Beautiful Rain for Koyama Keiichiro's, Dreamcatcher for Kato Shigeaki's, Remedy for Masuda Takahisa's and Lovin' U for Tegoshi Yuya's.

Regular Edition
I rather like the covers for the Limited A and Regular Edition but I am indifferent to the one for the Limited B. The LB just reminds me of the special set for all four limited versions of the Chankapaana single. Though the other two covers are reminiscent of the group's covers for their past albums color and LIVE. But it works with how the group has been presenting themselves since they came back as a four member unit, with each associating themselves with their group color as well as a letter in the group's name (though Tegoshi and Shige have switched from the Chankapaana single).

Of course right now the Limited B is the one version of the album that I am getting. I do plan on getting the rest though in time and finances willing. NEWS is one of those groups I am willing to try to get all the editions as long as there is something new for each one outside of a booklet.

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