02 June 2013

Upcoming short hiatus.

Since we are finally in June I figured it was about time to announced this. I will be moving to Virginia in about a week. I leave Washington State on the 11th and will be driving across the country, which with a stop to visit relatives for a couple of days, will probably take a week. Even though I am sure I will have internet for the nights at hotels and relatives' homes I doubt I will have much time to write posts as I have.

Since I have known about this move for a couple of months now I have begun to prepare for it, and that includes setting things up for my blogs so they will remain on schedule. I am hoping that I have enough of a lead with my Shounen Club reviews that I can do a week of filling the days I usually leave free for other posts with them. But I need to make sure I have the usual schedule covered first.

I do not know what my schedule will look like in Virginia but I will at least try to keep on schedule for my weekly posts and just go from there. But with any luck there should not be any major disruptions from things being posted on this blog.

Also as a side note, I still get a few comments about where to get the Shounen Club episodes I am reviewing. I have been uploading them over at the JPOP Central forum in the Media Central sub-forum. You can only view this sub-forum by having an account with the forum and after making ten posts. This is mainly because the later episodes have been asked by the one sharing the episodes not to be posted places that are not locked in some manner to avoid drawing attention to these episodes being shared.

I do ask that if you just want to spam your way to reach ten posts that you do so by using the spam threads, like "which song are you listening" to threads that can be found in various sub-forums.

Other than that I have gotten to the point where I have episodes I have yet to review up and I am hoping to get at least through 2008 before I go on hiatus.

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nanu b said...

I wish you a happy journey-moving and don´t worry we wll be waiting for great your posts!!
Good luck!!!