11 June 2013

NEWS new album NEWS

I was doing a final check of my e-mail before going to bed when I noticed the CDJapan notice for NEWS' new album. It is rather perfect timing as I am leaving early in the morning to begin my drive across the USA to where I will be moving, so I could make sure I got the version that I wanted.

The album is a self-titled album, NEWS, and will be released July 17th. It comes in three editions, two limited editions and one regular edition.

The first limited edition comes with a bonus DVD that is listed as a comedy with the title LIFE OF NEWS with a 70 minute play time. It also comes with a 16 page booklet and a special box.

The second limited edition comes with a bonus CD that will have the solo songs of the members, a 32 page booklet and a special box.

The regular edition has a 16 page booklet and a bonus track not on either of the limited editions.

I got a copy of the limited with bonus CD, as I am a sucker for wanting all the songs of the groups I love. But I have the feeling if I can I will get all three versions. 

And with that and this all done I am turning in for the night so I can get the early start to my day that I want. Otherwise I would have much more to say about this.

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