08 June 2013

AKB48 General Election Results NMB48 Focus

Since NMB48 is the only group I care for anymore their results are all I will be reporting. I am live blogging so expect this post to updated through the night.

Future Girls

Ogasawara Mayu (54) Team N
Yoshida Akari (50) Team N
Yabushita Shu (49) Team BII

Next Girls

Yagura Fuko (44) Team M
Jonishi Kei (40) Team N

Under Girls

Yamada Nana (28) Team M

I will say I am so happy for Nana. It looked like she might have thought she was not going to rank after hearing Maa-chun's rank. I just know her speech is going to be filled with tears.

Of course this means Yamamoto Sayaka and Watanabe Miyuki are in the senbatsu, it is only a matter of where.


Watanabe Miyuki (15) Team N

Yamamoto Sayaka (14) Team N

Like probably everyone else I am surprised at Shinoda Mariko announcing her graduation. She was one of those members that one would think would be around forever. But now it is only until sometime this year if I heard right. Even though there have been some changes with the ranking this year it looks like next year will surely bring more.

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