28 June 2013

Dreamboys take to the races

The main cast and the title of the next Dreamboys musical has been announced. The lead will be Tamamori Yuta with Senga Kento and Miyata Toshiya also co-staring. Actress Otori Ran (retired Takarazuka actress) and Johnny's dai-sempai Kondo Masahiko also have roles. What other Juniors will be in the musical has yet to be announced.

The title of the musical has changed to Dreamboys JET and it will run from September 5th to the 29th.

Oricon Style article (Japanese)

From the promo pictures floating around it looks like that instead of boxing the sport the musical revolves around is car racing this time. It would definitely explain why Matchy is involved seeing as he owns a professional racing team and his overall interest in the sport.

And it looks like Kis-My-Ft2 might be taking over the musical from KAT-TUN. Of course it started out as a Takizawa Hideaki musical so this will not be the first time it has changed hands. Even so, I expected this to have remained a KAT-TUN musical for a while longer, but I guess the fact that Kisumai members had been in it for the past couple of years was probably a sign that it could be changing groups. Next year's production will probably will need to be seen if it really is being passed on and not just having Kisumai cover it this year for whatever reason.

And it looks like Tamamori is going to be extremely busy for a while. He has his drama for the summer season as well as the current tour Kisumai are on. Plus in August he is going to have to be promoting the group's upcoming single on top of all that then there is only about a two week break from the tour ending to when this musical starts. I hope he will get enough rest while trying to juggle doing all of this.

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