17 May 2013

Johnny's Kabuki

Tamamori Yuta will be starring in a new drama starting in July on TBS. The drama series is called Pin to Kona and is based off a popular manga series. It will have an idol filled cast as fellow Johnny's, Nakayama Yuma, Jesse and Matsumura Hokuto will also be a part of the cast. The main female role will be filled by Kawashima Umika of female idol group 9nine.

The story revolves around the traditional play style, kabuki, with Tama's character being from a long standing kabuki family. Yuma's character is a talented novice with no kabuki family lineage. Hokuto and Jesse will also be kabuki actors while Umika is a kabuki fan and love interest for the main characters.

Anime News Network article (English)
Pin to Kona OHP (Japanese)

The rumor for this series popped up a week or so ago so it is not too surprising for it to be confirmed. There are some images of Tama and Yuma in kabuki costumes and while Tama is the usual male character Yuma looks to be an onnagata, which is a kabuki actor that specializes in female roles. I do not know much about kabuki but I look forward to this drama to learn more about it.

I guess this also confirms that Kis-My-Ft2 will have a new single out by this summer. I do not see anyone else doing the theme song for the drama. With the drama beginning in July then it will probably mean another August release for the group, though depending when in July it could come that month as well. In either case it will still be a while before the release is announced so I know I will be putting some money aside for when the pre-orders open.


Saori said...

the fact that they're kabuki actors makes it really interesting, that's not something that i often see in doramas!
i hope this turns into an interesting dorama ^_^

Thennary Nak said...

I hope so too, as this is a topic not usually covered in dramas.