27 May 2013

More Johnny's for Kamen Teacher

Like I expected there is more information out about the recently announced NTV drama, Kamen Teacher. It stars Fujigaya Taisuke and will begin airing on July 6th from 2450 to 2520, so this is the replacement drama for Bad Boys J.

Other Johnny's that will be a part of the cast are; Kikuchi Fuma, Jesse, Kishi Yuta, Kyomoto Taiga, Tsukada Ryuichi and Takada Sho. As Takada is not listed on the OHP but in the news articles it is being assumed that he has a small part or one that is not a reoccurring role.

Kamen Teacher NTV OHP (Japanese)
Anime News Network article (English)

Knowing that this is the late night NTV drama for summer skews my expectations for it now. I think Pin to Kona is going to be the bigger drama of the two and will probably end up with Kis-My-Ft2 doing the theme for it and this one as well. So it will be a bit like the Wanna Beee!!!/Shake it up single again if my instincts are right about it.

Seeing as the NTV late night dramas tend to focus on the more recently debuted groups and Juniors the cast is no surprise, especially after BBJ who also had a member from each group then Juniors be the main cast. I am glad to see that Sexy Zone is getting their members out there in dramas finally. Same for A.B.C-Z, and it does make be quite happy to see another member other than Hashimoto Ryosuke get a drama role. The group may manage to get somewhere eventually the way they are going and now that they seem to be getting these breaks here and there.

I am surprised to see that Jesse has two dramas for the summer season. I can only assume both roles are not that big, and it probably helps that Kamen Teacher will only be a half hour drama series. Without a doubt Johnny's wants to make him into a star for them.

And I am happy to see Taiga getting another drama role. After he transferred to Horikoshi High School I expected to see his work load increase but it really did not until he got the role in Takizawa Enbujo and now this role. So hopefully he will continue on with steady work from now on.

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