10 May 2013

Wink Up Dec. 2011 Marius Yo profile translation

And here is the profile translation for Marius Yo to go with the one I did for Matsushima So from the same issue of Wink Up.

Name: Marius Yo
Nickname: Marius, Mari-chan
Birthdate:  March 30th 2000
Blood type: O
Birthplace: Heidelberg, Germany
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 39 kg
Foot size: 26 cm
Special skill: skiing, karaoke
Family cooking you like: Omurice (with paprika)
Sweets you like: gummi candy
Admired sempai: Fujigaya Taisuke
Johnny's song you like: Arashi's Kitto Daijobu and A.N.Jell's Promise
First stage: Hey! Say! JUMP's 2011 January Yokohama Arena Concert

I wonder how much has changed with Marius' profile information since debut. He really did not have a lot of experience with the agency pre-debut as he was still partly living in Germany until then. Of course I did not even realize he was with the agency as long as he was since not much was seen of him until he moved to Japan shortly before Sexy Zone's debut.

I wonder if the A.N.Jell song is still a favorite of his. I am sure he listed it here in part because he did admire Fujigaya and that song did feature him. Of course Fujigaya was very doting of him, and I believe still is so no surprise he has named as a favorite sempai for this.


rorychan said...

If I'm not mistaken, Marius is now 171cm and 52kg. He just said recently during SZ's concert that he was 171.

I adore the admiration he has for Fujigaya. :3

Thennary Nak said...

Watching the old SC episodes I can image Marius being like how Taiyo was with Ya-Ya-Yah, and just tower over the rest of the group. Maybe he can be the next Johnny's that can try modeling. (=

I have the feeling that eventually Fujigaya will have a lot of Juniors that have him as their favorite sempai. Partly from popularity and partly because he seems to love to dote on the younger Juniors.

Evelyn Patricia said...

Wow, he become really tall already! I like him even more! Thanks for the info, if u have more info please publish it...