12 May 2013

Not sure if I wanna Come On A My House

This should be great news, from concert reports for Hey! Say! JUMP's Tokyo Dome concerts the group has finally announced that they will be releasing a new single on June 26th. The title track though will be Come On A My House. The B-sides announced are group songs BOUNCE and New Hope with the sub-unit songs Just for you (Hey! Say! 7) and Scramble (Hey! Say! BEST).

I think what I find disappointing about the release is the title track. I really do not think that it is A-side material, plus it seems late to be releasing a CD for the tie-in when the commercial has been airing for a while now. I was really hoping we would get another, and better, song for the A-side of the next single.

Putting that disappointment to the side everything else about the single I love. I can only assume the other tracks were the ones they debuted at their concert and I loved the sound of all of those. Of course we have gotten to see BOUNCE on Shounen Club and I loved it there too. I am sure the rest will be performed at the recording for June's episodes.

So finally it looks like I can stop feeling anxious about both NEWS and HSJ releasing something new this year. I will confess though that I am looking forward more to the former's than the latter's. But at least there is something to actually look forward to again for them.


Anonymous said...

I'm really glad for a new HSJ single, but I was kinda hoping that Bounce would be there A-side or atleast for once a double a-side with 2 PV's, come on a my house and Bounce but I know when it comes for JE about HSJ I would be hoping to much. Its the same story again like it was for magic power and beat line sigh. I think with the song bounce they could really impress a lot more people than the normal song and choreo for come on a my house. But I'm stil very happy and hoping someday my hope that I forever wil have for HSJ wil come true lol :)

Can't wait until I can pre-order the single ;)

Thennary Nak said...

Pre-orders are already open for it. And the prices are not bad for this one.

I would have liked BOUNCE as the main song as well. I get the feeling that management is not sure what to do with the group so they seem to be stuck. I hope they can eventually work things out and be able to shed their youthful image.