26 May 2013

Masked Teacher Fujigaya?

Looks like Tamamori Yuta is not the only Kis-My-Ft2 member starring in a drama for the summer season. It has been announced in the magazine the Kamen Teacher manga series by Fujisawa Toru (creator of GTO) that the series will be adapted into a drama this summer. It will start in July and air on NTV.

This surprised me as I did not think we would get more than one member starring in a drama for a season so soon. Of course this makes me wonder about if Kisumai will be doing the theme songs for both dramas or only one series. If Johnny's really wanted to they could have Nakayama Yuma cover the theme song for Pin to Kona, as he has yet to release something since his solo debut CD, if they will have Kisumai only doing one theme song. But I guess things will start becoming clear next month when we should be getting previews for these series.

Being a school drama, based in a high school from what I can tell, I would not be surprised to see another Johnny's or two being attached to this drama. I have already heard that there is a rumor that Kikuchi Fuma might be in the drama as well, but for now I will not put too much faith in it. With the announcement in the manga magazine I can only assume that there will be some more information about the drama coming out shortly and will hopefully give more details about the cast.


rorychan said...

The cast is now on the official website. Kikuchi Fumma, Kyomoto Taiga, Kishi Yuta, Jesse, Takada Sho, and Tsukada Ryoichi. <3 Great cast.

nanu b said...

we will see... I hope Taipi will get more muscle for the role =)
doble single? my ballet is crying but I´m happy anyway!