05 May 2013

Budgeting for Kisumai

As I attempt to try to figure out a budget for myself for new releases for Johnny's I find Kis-My-Ft2 is about the only group I can count on and actually effectively budget for. This mainly being from the fact that they have the most regular release schedule of all the groups that I actively follow.

CD release dates so far:

Everybody Go [08.10.2011]
We never give up! [12.142011]
SHE! HER! HER! [03.21.2012]
Kis-My-1st [03.28.2012]
WANNA BEEEE!!!/ Shake It Up [08.152012]
Ai no Beat [11.14.2012]
My Resistance -Tashikanamono-/Unmei Girl [02.13.2013]
Ki Su U Ma I ~KISS YOUR MIND~/S.O.S. (Smile On Smile) [03.27.2013]
Good Ikuze! [03.27.2013]

Based off this release schedule and the tour dates I would assume that we will be getting a new single from Kisumai in either August or September. Then there should be another for the year in either November or December to be followed up with the next single being February or March of 2014 with the group's third album coming out shortly after.

I would also predict that we will get a DVD for the Good Live Tour Ikuze! concerts. Not sure if it will have the quick turnabout time that Kis-My-MiNT did, about two months, but I would not be surprised if we had it out in 2013 as the last tour date will be August 25th. And we already know that management is okay with taxing fans' wallets from the triple release earlier in the year.

I think the new concert DVD will be the one I really have to save for, as I am still sticking with only getting the regular editions of the group's singles. The concert DVD though, if it is anything like the Kis-My-MiNT one, is bound to be costly. Especially if they have the same kind of limited edition as the last one. But I felt that was worth it and have had no regrets in buying it.

I just wish, NEWS, TOKIO and Hey! Say! JUMP were so easy to figure a budget for.


Anonymous said...

I'm really thankfull that Kismumai and KATTUN (because I'm also a KATTUN fan) have steady releases that makes me stay a part of the Johnny's fandom. I mean, if I only would have been a fan of HSJ then it would have been more difficulter to stay and follow a lot of stuff that are happening within Johnny's. If you understand what I'm trying to say here.

I would probably stay within the Jonny's fandom if I only would have been a fan of HSJ because of my big love for them, but it would be difficulter I guess.

On the other hand because I'm a big fan of HSJ I'm also following some juniors. I think thats a positive thing.

Thennary Nak said...

I understand completely. It is hard to remain interested in something if you do not get something new from it. And for overseas fans new releases play a big part of that.

That is the nice thing about Johnny's is that by getting into one group you can get into others and/or the Juniors that can fill the void when one group is not doing much.

Anonymous said...

I think their next single will be released in August, as it's the 2nd aniversary of their debut.
They should release the DVD concert tour asap, I just can't wait anymore lol

Thennary Nak said...

August is a possibility but that is the month they finish touring so they may not have enough time to promote it properly.

Well we did not have to wait long for their last tour DVD and I am sure they will have it out before the end of the year as they are lacking a concert DVD release for the year.

Anonymous said...

I've read a rumor about Tamamori playing lead role in a summer drama. If it turns out to be true, then it's very likely that there will be a single out this summer. I hope it's as good as My Resitance! I loved that song.