30 May 2013

Still a Bakaleya6 fan

I know that by now it is useless to keep waiting for Bakaleya6; Morimoto Shintaro, Jesse, Tanaka Juri, Matsumura Hokuto, Kyomoto Taiga, and Kochi Yugo, to be grouped into a proper group. But I still see them as the Bakaleya6 as they are still a grouping of my favorite Juniors. Plus it is easier to keep them under this grouping name than having to list their names individually.

And I have the feeling that the group of Juniors in Bad Boys J will end up becoming the BBJ to me, if just because it finally gives a grouping name for most of the "older" Juniors.

I do still hope the guys of Bakaleya6 will be able to debut in the same group someday, or groups if they must be split up, overall I just want all six to debut someday. I think at this point Hokuto and Jesse are being set for debut with the amount of drama work they have been getting post-Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou. I would say Shintaro would be in the same, but he has not had as much work though that could be in part be because of his age. The other three have things going for them but not at the kind of level of the other three when it comes to getting the general public to know who they are. Though there does seem to be some steady pushing for Tanaka Juri, I can only assume that Johnny's really wants to eventually debut him as then he and Tanaka Koki can be the first brothers to have both debuted as Johnny's, especially as they cannot do that with the Morimoto brothers anymore. And Kyomoto may be at a start of a push, now that he has a flexible schedule, but we will see how things go.

I think all six have strengths to offer any group, which is why I feel like they should all debut, and I would be happy for any debut news for any of them. Until then I will remain a fan of this grouping, even though I am not holding my breath in seeing much of them all together. But if these six all debut eventually I will be happy in the end.

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Rana said...

me too, I'm still love tham after all and what whill happen in future, they're my precious Jrs

love them until I still love Johnny's