09 May 2013

A NEWS summer (bra)

I had recently heard a rumor that Koyama Keiichiro had mentioned that there was a new single, album and concert tour planned for NEWS this year on his radio program. I was not sure about hunting down the program but with the new song announced for the group I think it is safe to say that NEWS fans can rest safe again about avoiding no new releases for over a year again. And the fact that we should be getting a new album, which will be the first original album since the unit became a quartet is really exciting.

But first off so far all that is officially announced is that NEWS has a new song, Nagisa no Onee Summer, which will be used in a CM, that will begin airing on May 10th. (Johnny's Entertainment NEWS news page) The CM is for Kirei, which looking at the OHP for it is a bra called Sarahada. So I doubt we will be seeing the members of the group in the commercial, but at least it is a tie-in which is always a plus.

There has been no release date given for the single that the song will be on yet. But that just means that fans know that they should start setting money aside for the eventual release.

To be honest I have been feeling anxious as a NEWS fan recently. It has been a while since WORLD QUEST was announced and then we have these recent Tegomass releases. I feel like I could not really enjoy them like usual because of my worry about NEWS continuing on. The groups has had too many times that they have been stuck on hiatus so a member or members can release something else. And seeing the last time that happened the group lost two members it is still unnerving to have NEWS break like this. But with the new song and Koyama talking about not only a new single but a new album and a concert tour for the group I feel like I can be at ease again.

And I find funny that the CM tie-in is for a bra. I guess it sorta makes sense as women are the group's main fanbase, and it is hardly the first time a Johnny's has been connected to selling a women's product. IIRC Kimura Takuya did CMs for lipstick. Though a Johnny's would probably have a higher chance of wearing lipstick over a bra. But that is neither here or there.

What is the most important thing is that NEWS is still going and I can feel okay about loving the new Tegomass PV, because it looks hilarious to me.

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