23 May 2013

Tegomass wants your cat (photos)

It has been announced that Tegomass is having a photo contest for their fans to show off their cat pride. The photos submitted will have the chance to be chosen to be included in the booklet of the duo's upcoming album. The end date will be June 30th.

For more details check out the link below.

JE News Daily (English)

Honestly I am not surprised that there will be a Tegomass album coming up. They have released singles recently and I doubted that they were going to put those tracks on a NEWS album. The question now becomes when this will be released, but all there really is to go on is that it will be sometime after June 30th.

I still hold on to the belief that we will be getting the NEWS single and album before the NEWS concert over the summer so I have the feeling this album will be released after the tour.

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