17 May 2013

Nakajima Yuto in bank drama

Nakajima Yuto will be in a drama in the upcoming season. He will have a supporting role in the TBS drama Hanzawa Naoki. The drama will begin airing on July 7th.

Tokyohive article (English)

It is nice to see that Nakajima is getting another drama role. I hope this becomes a regular thing for him as Hey! Say! JUMP needs more members active in getting drama roles. Then they will not have to depend so much on Yamada Ryosuke in getting a lead drama role to do a theme song. That is of course if Nakajima can get to the point of being a drama lead. But these supporting roles are definite steps toward that.

So far the summer season looks to be a rather Johnny's heavy season for dramas with the few that have been announced. I am very interested in what is going to replace Bad Boys J for the late night NTV drama, especially when alumni from those, Nakayama Yuma, Matsumura Hokuto and Jesse, are already tied to another drama for the season. I just hope that if they do another romance drama for the summer they do one that is more interesting than Sprout.

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