29 May 2013

No one is coming to your house when you're dressed like that.

The covers for Hey! Say! JUMP's upcoming single, Come On A My House, are out and look to be as inspired as this single feels, almost none. I put the almost there as the regular edition cover actually looks good, not great, but much better than both limited editions.

The suit jackets are hideous, but I love that there is a sense of action and with all the other colors it is easier to ignore those jackets. And I like the font, if mainly for the fact they turned the "A" into a house, which while cheesy is the kind of cheesy I enjoy.

The limited edition on the other hand is just bland. The first cover has them in the hideous jackets while the second one is this. They are both in front of the same background, that screams cheaply CGIed. Not only that but this cover looks off with the guys. I almost want to say that they probably CGIed over the other suits  to make these as it just looks more photoshopped than the other. I think I am going to have to see the physical versions of the covers to see if my hunch is right. It would not be the first time Johnny's changed the look of an outfit in post production.

If you want to see the other cover then check out this post over at JE News Daily where I got these from.

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