14 May 2013

Tegomass - Neko Chudoku PV review

Now that I am at ease with NEWS being on track I feel like I can finally get myself to enjoy what Tegomass has been releasing of late. And it has been a while since I have done one of these, though there are a few I would like to eventually get around to do at some point.

And we start with our kitties for this PV, Tegonyan and Massunyan. I could not help but wonder throughout the PV at how hot the two must have been in these suits, especially as they are in them for the whole PV.

And they get my heart early on by bringing out one of my favorite games to watch Johnny's play.

And the love only grows as they go over the various things cats are known for. In fact from the little Japanese I know it sounds like the lyrics do match the various scenes in the PV.

Of course the little dance portions are something else, but still just as cute. As a cat lover I feel like this PV could have been made for me as it combines two of my favorite things, cats and idols.

Tegonyan looks surprisingly old here. I am sure it is mainly just the way the shadows cover his face but it is rather creepy to look at. Like you can see into the future and know this is what he will look like twenty years from now.

Tegonyan seems to have forgotten that no matter how much he exercises he will be a ball of fluffy fur.

Massunyan takes the news of a catnip shortage hard. Or whatever a kitty newspaper would write about.

Tegonyan gets jealous of Massunyan when he gets all the attention from the random bodyguards.

If the bright colors were too much for you there is a short break as the two kitties stand on something that spins them around slowly. This actually works well for the PV as it is a nice break from the rest of it as the song slows down a bit before it picks right back up.

Tegonyan proves that no matter what you put him in he will still try to work it. Do not think it works so well in a kitty suit though.

And we end on the two kitties doing what kitties love to do all day long, sleep.

The song is really short at about two and a half minutes, but honestly I would not want it to be any longer. Songs like this are best in small doses or else they can feel like they are dragging on even if they are no longer than the usual pop song.

I think the PV really sells the song in the end. In fact I would probably rather watch the PV in a loop over just listening to the song.

And I still do not get why this is even being released. It is coming so shortly after the duo's last single and there are no tie-ins for it. Also there are plenty of other Johnny's groups that also have a cute image that fits a bit better seeing as those groups have younger members. Then there is the fact that it looks like the rest of the year will have them busy with NEWS related work with a new single, album and tour all supposedly planned out. So this single release remains a mystery to me. But at least it is a cute mystery.


DaftYoungen said...

Hello hello~

From what I've heard this was actually a previously recorded song that they just decided to release which is why it was released so soon after...but I'm not sure if that solved your mystery at all aha~

Adore the song entirely <3

Hope you have a wonderful day~

Thennary Nak said...

Thanks for that information. I do see this as the kind of song that would have fit on one of their albums. Just weird that they released it as a single.