21 May 2013

A NEWS summer

It looks like things should be as good as confirmed when it comes to what Koyama Keiichiro has reportedly said about what NEWS will be doing this year. There may not be a release date for their next single but we do have dates for an upcoming tour, information can be found on Johnny's net, so I will assume that we are looking at a new album as well soon enough.

The tour looks like it will be at open air arena like the group's past concert tour as I recognize some of the venues listed from that. The tour begins on July 26th and ends on August 27th.

Since there are not really much in the way for breaks, with each week having concerts at a different venue, I will assume that if we are getting a single and an album before the tour they may just be getting released either on the same date or very close to each other. I do not think they would be released after the tour though, as the tour itself should help drive sales. Of course they could release the single before the tour then the album during the tour, as albums usually are not as heavily promoted. But since most Johnny's do not tour without having an album release close to it, which is again because the tour works as part of the promotion, I am sure we will get that sooner rather than later.

If I am right about the releases coming before the tour then we should be getting the announcements in the next few weeks with pre-orders being opened for them.

It feels nice to be excited being a NEWS fan again.

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