13 May 2013

Come On A My House details

Hey! Say! JUMP's upcoming single, Come On A My House, is up for pre-order already. Or at least over at CDJapan. But with this there is some more information about the single.

Like most recent HSJ singles there are three versions but they have changed up the content for the different versions a bit.

First up is the first Limited Edition which is the standard LE with DVD. There will only be the title track and its karaoke version on the CD for this version. Then there is the DVD with the PV and making of footage.

The second LE does not have a DVD, it is just a CD. The CD will have the title track as well as the sub-unit songs, Scramble for Hey! Say! BEST and Just for you for Hey! Say! 7, with karaoke versions of all three songs.

The Regular Edition then is the usual CD only. It has the title track and the two full group songs for B-sides, BOUNCE and New Hope ~Konna ni Bokura na Hitotsu~, with karaoke versions of all of them. The RE does have a first press bonus of being a picture labeled CD, which means the disc will have a picture on it instead of being mostly blank.

Even though I do not feel as excited as I think I should be for this release I did make sure to go ahead and pre-order all three versions. Even though I do not feel as passionate about the group as I have in the past I love them too much to easily break from. And I am certain once I get the CDs in hand I will be excited again. Because in the end it is a new release from HSJ and the B-sides are worth looking forward to.

Plus this is the first single after their second album so it takes us one step closer to their next album. And I hope that we get the rest of the single for that coming out in a more timely manner.

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