28 November 2011

Q&A Month: Question 6

Well it definitely looks like I'll be answering these questions well into next month. I don't think I expected to write so much about Sexy Zone or for there to be so many announcements this month. I'm thinking of trying to get through a few of them in the next couple of days because it has been a while since I answered the last, but we'll just see how that goes. If you want to get a question in there is still time as I will stop taking them once December begins, just leave them in this post.

Today's question come from Ani2, and it's a bit of long one but honestly one I've been wondering about myself as well: I heard that next year in May , JE will have their 50th anniversary.
I wonder if there will be some big event or party to celebrate it?
I don´t know if there was something like that for the 40th anniversary, but since 50 years is quite a number , I wonder if JE is planning something? Maybe concerts or so??

I can't say I know for sure but I would be surprised if Johnny's does nothing. If anything this year's Countdown concert will most likely have a special medley to celebrate it, because fifty is a big number to hit. Whether or not they do anything more than that, outside of maybe special medleys for the Juniors to perform on Shounen Club, I have no clue.

That's one of those things that I'm sure only Johnny's management knows but I have the feeling that if A.B.C-Z debut this year as planned it may get played up with their debut announcement for being the group debuting fifty years after Johnny's first group or something.


Ani2 said...

Thanks for replying!
So there must be something planned for sure; something we can look forward to next year ^^

Thennary Nak said...

You're welcome, I'm just glad I was able to answer another question before the month ended.

I'm sure it'll be something, even if not much but I can't see them passing by their 50th anniversary without a peep.