03 November 2011

Q&A Month: Question 2

And to begin completely off topic, I have discovered a new Blogger feature. If you look at the bottom of all the entries now there are little boxes that you can just click to leave some simple feedback if you're one of those readers that don't actually want to leave a comment but want to let me know that you're reading. Also it helps me get some basic feedback on my entries to see what some of the opinions of them are.

And now with that out of the way on to the second question for the month. This one is from Kismy: may I ask which member in Kisumai you like the most?

While he wasn't my favorite from the start this guy is definitely my current favorite member of the group.

Senga Kento

I love how he can go from serious and cool dancer to complete goofball so quickly. He never fails to make me smile when he's on stage and I love how he seems willing to give just about anything a go even if their embarrassing. Like when the other members of Budoukan got him to do an impersonation of a sea turtle laying eggs. Or the usual request from his Kisumai group mates to impersonate a gorilla.

While I'm no dance expert even I can tell he's good at and I like his voice so I'm glad he has a solo song not to mention his solo lines in some of the older Kis-My-Ft2 songs. I really hope he gets the chance to really showcase his talents even when the Fujigaya-Kitayama-Tamamori trio are the ones getting pushed a lot. But I think there's a lot to love about Senga and hope others will discover that too.

My first favorite member was Yokoo Wataru who still is one of my favorites from the group but a bit of leg up on the rest of the group at the beginning because he was in the same Junior group as members of NEWS were and thus was favored by association.

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