22 November 2011

Nakayama Yuma and the other two release a new single

If there's any doubt that NYC is anything but a vehicle to promote Nakayama Yuma than this new single just announced can help dispell that. The single is a double A-side, the first A-side being a new NYC song, Wonderful Cupid, and the second being a solo song for Nakayama Yuma, Garasu no Mahou. For Yuma fans the song should be familiar as it's his solo song from PLAYZONE'11 and was even released digitally prior to this. The song though is getting a new arrangement for this single release though.

Like the previous NYC releases there will be two versions of the release, an LE that will come with a CD jacket sized calendar and an RE that will come with a bonus track, an NYC song titled Jungle Life. Both versions come with a ticket for a handshake event. They are also up for pre-order at the usual places and more information can be found at Johnny's net, though in Japanese only.

I think this release tips things in NYC's favor for having another Kohaku performance this year as anyone familiar with the release pattern of releases over the New Year holidays knows that CDs usually get put out for sale much earlier than their street date so it will be great promotion for the single for them to perform the song on the program. Especially with Hey! Say! JUMP having concerts starting from January 2nd so they wouldn't really have time to do the usual TV promotions for the single.

As a Yuma fan I'm really happy that he's getting promoted like this. I think it's a sign that Johnny's has not given up on him yet and we can expect him to eventually go somewhere in the future, whether it's to yet another group debut or perhaps even as a soloist. I would personally would love it if he got to debut with 7WEST as he gets along with the group so well and there needs to be more Kansai Juniors debuting.

I also find it interesting that Johnny's plans to do more handshake events. I guess it may be because the week they're releasing tends to have sales combined from the previous week as Oricon takes a break for the holidays so they want to make sure NYC still does well as they don't sell as high other Johnny's groups, though I'm not sure if they expect them to do well enough to compete with Akanishi Jin's second solo single being released in that previous week but we shall see.

I do hope that now that the NYC single will be done for 2012 so early on it means we can get a late winter/early spring release from HSJ. They will be hitting their 5th anniversary in 2012 so it would be nice for the to release steadily in the coming year.


Thanks to a comment left by tam, I have discovered that Nakayama Yuma has his own page on the Johnny's Entertainment website. This I find quite interesting as I can't really think of a case where a Junior gets something like that. Of course I don't think it changes his status as a Junior though as the NYC single is still listed as a Junior release and he would be the only reason for it to be there. But I think Yuma still has an interesting future ahead of him and I can't wait to see where he goes next.


tam said...

Got really excited when i first heard about the news and having a Yuma solo is just pure awesome! I love both versions of GnM (pz version and dwango) so Im super excited for the new arrangement of the song.

With Yuma having his own solo page in Johnny's Entertainment website, we can now be assured that this is only the beginning.. I think Johnny's starting to get really serious on promoting him as a solo artist ( but im also hoping for yuma with 7west debut).. So yeah, wishing for a drama soon ^^

Thennary Nak said...

I'm really excited about it for that reason too.

Thank you for that heads up about Yuma having his own page on the JE website. I didn't know until then. But that is interesting for him to have something like that and does bode well for at least him.

I'd love for him to get another drama soon. Especially now that he's older, but I guess that's going to depend on how busy with musicals he will be this year.

Chris said...

Lol I love your title Nakayama and "the other two" ;))

Man, this Yuma kid sure is amazing. I haven´t heard of him for a long time and I I already wondered if Johnny has forgotten about him, and suddenly I see the news about the NYC and Yuma release. Now that was a surprise and especially seeing how he gets a solo song as A-side single, all I can say is "Wow"!
How old is Yuma now? 17 or 18?
This boy achieved so much in his short life, he achieved more than many other J-idols ever achieved. Quite impressive.
But he deserves it, he´s super talented and Johnny is right to keep on pushing him.
His future sure seems to be bright.

Misa said...

YAYYY for the NYC release XDD
I´m not the biggest fan of their cutesy songs but I´m excited to see those 3 together again :D
But what happened to the record label?! Where is the DVD with the MAKINGGGG and PVVVV???? O__O
I want to watch it so badly!!!!

I wish Yamada would get the solo song and not Yuuma. Johnny-san really favours Yuuma a lot, isn´t he? I have nothing against Yuuma but why is not Yamada getting the solo song?
Yamada totally deserves to go solo too. What has Yuma what Yamada has not??!! Why all the special treatment by Johnny-san?!
Sorry, I don´t want to sound as if I hate Yuuma. No, I really like Yuuma being in NYC, he always seems to be so kind, but I´m a bit jealous that he will get so much attention with the upcoming release, hehe :P

Kyaaaa, handshake event?? I want to gooooo but I don´t live in Japan T__T

Jackie said...

Yuma, I´m so happy to hear from him again! I´m glad for his solo song Garasu no Mahou because everytime, I can´t help but love his sing voice. Akuma na Koi was really beautiful and Yuma really deserves to get more solo songs.
I prefer the soundtrack version of Garasu no Mahou. The stage versionof Playzone DVD is of course beautiful but a bit too "sleepy" for me. But I love the lyrics and I´m looking forward to hear the new version.

Even if I´m not always active in Yuma´s fandom,
I´ve always admired Yuma´s exceptional talent in acting, singing and this year he surprised me with his dancing as well.
If this boy keeps on working hard I can´t imagine how far he can come. It´s rare for a Johnnys idol to be that talented in all genres and at that young age. everytime I see him, he has something peaceful and kind aura around him.
I think Yuma has the strength, personality and professionality to stand on his won feet and become a solo singer.
I understand when you said that you would like to see Yuma debuting with West and I also like seeing them together but Yuma is always on another , higher level and how should I explain;; he´s in his own world. He´s made for being a solo singer.

So there might be a chance to see NYC on Kouhaku this year too. I didn´t think of that possibility but it might be a good promo for their single.

Did you know that the handshake event is only for Yuma? JNet says how it´s only Nakayama Yuma with whom fans can shake hands.
My admiration for him rises up again. A 17/18 year old boy holding a handshake event just by himself and shake hands with a mass of people. It doesn´t surprise me that it´s just Yuma. I don´t think it´s because Yamada and Chinen have a busy schedule. It was planned from the beginning that Yuma would be the only one holding the event, that´s what I believe.

Anonymous said...

Even though I don´t really like NYC, I´m going to buy a single just for Nakayama Yuma´s sake.
Somehow I want to support him.

The handshake event sounds interesting since only Yuma will be holding it. I wonder what Mr.Johnny has planned for him.
It definitely smells like a future solo debut.

Karina said...

I remember the time when Yuma and B.I. debuted in 2009 and it was really scary to see how much hate and bashing Yuma got from people at that time, for whatever reason.
But recenlty it seems that the hate calmed down and that people got to accept Yuma more or less, which is nice to see.

Double A-Side, what does it mean ?
Does it mean that Yuma´s solo will get a PV too and that he will sing solo on TV shows as well?
It´s a good tactic of JE to release a solo of Yuma as an A-side. Whenever they will perform, they probably will get introduced as "NYC, soshite Nakayama Yuma". Also in magazines people will get to read his name.
Good stragedy to spread out "Nakayama Yuma" through the whole country.

Having an own category in Johnny´s entertainment website is quite amazing for a Junior who hasn´t really debuted yet.
I´m sure JE wouldn´t just create an own category for a one shot thing but I´m sure more solo activities will follow.
Though I would prefer Yuma debuting with 7West, as you said.
7West seems to become more popular recently and they deserve to debut. With Yuma as frontman, it would be a really nice group for a debut and also, Yuma seems to be really comfortable with 7West.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Chris

Thanks, I just couldn't help myself with this clearly being for the benefit of Yuma.

He should be 17 as he's about a year younger than Yamada and Chinen. And I agree he's done a lot for someone his age. And I'm sure if Johnny's has it their way he'll do much more.

@ Misa

Well it's not the first time they skipped releasing the PV with the single, Yuuki 100% was like that too as the DVD just had footage from the recording studio. They're probably just saving that stuff for a future NYC release much like with the Yuuki 100% PV and making of.

I think it's mainly because NYC is a group that's meant to support Yuma. Yamada and Chinen already have a debuted group, HSJ, where they get a lot of time in the spotlight and chances to have solos, which will hopefully eventually get CD releases. On the other hand Yuma just has NYC.

So don't get too frustrated, I'm sure Yamada will eventually get to release a solo song, but it'll be much more likely that it'll be with HSJ, as that's his main group.

@ Jackie

I love his voice too so I'm quite happy about having a solo song from him. Especially one as nice as Garasu no Mahou.

Even though he can be a soloist there's no doubt that he enjoys being with his old group mates. he always seems so comfortable around them, which is why I wouldn't mind it at all for him to join them in a debut.

Since they have been on the program before I think there was always a chance of them returning this year, especially since the program has been extended this year. But with this release it would be great promotion.

It makes sense that it's only Yuma doing the handshake event seeing that HSJ have those concerts. Unless they delayed the event to fit their schedule it would be too difficult to do both for the boys.

@ Anonymous

This is definitely a release that would be perfect for Yuma fans to show support by buying.

It does seem like he's being prepared to be a solo artist, and I guess as a plus for being part of a group like NYC if he leaves and it breaks up it won't be all that heartbreaking.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Karina

I didn't understand the hate either, but I think a part of it came from that HSJ hadn't released something in so long and Yamada and Chinen were getting pulled in to be a part of another group which made fans anxious at that time.

It is possible for him to have a PV for his solo. An A-side is typically the song on a single that will end up on an album, but NYC is such a strange group it's hard to tell if they ever will get an album. A double A-side means both songs will get promoted for the release and considering the week of release is the same week as HSJ's upcoming concerts it could very well mean Yuma having to promote the single on his own on TV shows. But we'll have to see when the time comes.

I have noticed that Yuma still gets promoted with 7WEST, like with the Kansai Junior special earlier this year. So I could see it happening and would be happy to see it happen, though Yuma could become a soloist too depending if Johnny's thinks he could sell on his own. I guess this is another, time will tell issue.