06 November 2011

Arioka Daiki in a Jidaigeki drama

The cast list for the upcoming Jidaigeki drama (these are the popular samurai drama series, though should not be confused with Taiga dramas which are NHK exclusive) Chushingura, Sono Gi Sono Ai has been posted on TV Tokyo's OHP the cast list for it and Arioka Daiki is on it. He will be playing the character Oishi Chikara.

The series is set to begin the first episode on January 2nd, 2012.

From the cast page it looks like this telling of Chushingura (47 Ronin) will focus more on the women of the story. Of course since Arioka's character is the son of on of the main character's Kuranosuke and the character's mother of course looks to be playing a big role in this I think there's a pretty good chance that Arioka will get a good amount of screen time. Of course the fact they have him give a comment about the role on the sight as well bodes well for him.

Jidaigeki tend to run longer than the usual seasonal dramas so I'm curious how long this one is planned as I can't see that information. But in any case I'm really glad to see Hey! Say! JUMP members get drama roles. Especially members that haven't either had any before or not in some time.

I guess we should now be prepared to see him with the usual wig the guys have to wear for these jidaigeki, the one where the top of the head is completely bald while the hair on the side and back are put up in a kind of ponytail thing. I can't say I can really picture him now like that but I'm sure it'll look just as strange as Takaki Yuya's did when he was in those drama specials with Tegoshi Yuya years ago.


Misa said...

YAYY, Daiki in a drama XDDD
There was a rumour that it was Yamada, also because he died his hair black in recent Potato but it´s Daiki !!!
So excited for this, thanks for this news XDD

Jackie said...

Awesome! I´ve never see him acting yet, so I look forward to see it !
Of course I also would have like to see Yamada in a new drama, but i am glad that the other members get finally a chance too.

Ani2 said...

I´m really happy for Arioka Daiki !!I don´t know anything about his acting abilities so it´s definitely something I will check out for sure.
Maybe there´s even a chance that HSJ will sing the ending song of it?

Anonymous said...

Aw, I got so disappointed that it´s not Yamada T_T
Of course I´m excited to see Daiki as well, but since I´m totally Yamada-biased, I´m sad that it´s not him ><
But hopefully, Yama-chan will get a drama next year too!!!

Chris said...

Congrats to Daiki! I´m surprised but happy that he got chosen.
Can´t wait to see the drama.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Misa

Yamada could still be in a drama for the winter season. Unless the rumor was about a jidaigeki drama.

I'm more than happy to share the news.

@ Jackie

I think his only other drama role would be the drama series ENGINE, which also had Nakajima Yuto in it too. I liked him in it and I'm glad he's finally getting the chance to act again.

I'm sure Yamada will get his chance. Especially now that he's older and has a lot more roles open to him than before.

@ Ani2

Jidaigeki's normally don't have idols sing theme songs for them. They pull in an older crowd so it's more older singers and enka. And on the TV Tokyo site they already have a theme song listed by someone else.

@ Anonymous

I'm sure Yamada will get something. Especially since he finally finishes high school in the spring so he will have a freer schedule to do more work then.

@ Chris

Me too. Especially since idols don't typically get chosen for jidaigeki roles.