08 November 2011

A.B.C-Z shows signs of promise

Over the weekend A.B.C-Z had their first solo concerts and from all reports they were a complete success. Both shows were sold out and from blog reports most of the concert goods were completely sold out in about five hours.

At the concerts it was announced that the group will be given their own show in February at the Nissay Theatre. This will be an original stage show for the group and the title of the production will be called ABC座 日生公演 which can be read with the kanji for star to translate to ABC-Z the Star Performance.

Momoedgewood blog entry (English)

I find it interesting that while there's still talk about aiming for a CD debut sometime next year the idea of adding members to the group seems to have been been dropped. It makes me think the 'xy' thing might have been to build some hype up for the then upcoming Sexy Zone debut announcement by bringing Kikuchi Fuma to the front of that as he was the only name brought up as a candidate.

I've always been of the mind that A.B.C-Z wouldn't really work as a debuted group and that Hashimoto Ryosuke would always eventually be pulled out to debut with another group but with the success of their first solo concerts it looks like I misjudged their potential. Hopefully the upcoming shows will do as well and it'll be interesting to see how Johnny's plans to keep promoting them in the upcoming year. I think with all the talk about a CD debut they'll get one, whether it'll be a one shot debut or a major debut though I'll put up for debate but I don't think Johnny's can really back out on having them release a CD if they continue to bring it up.

Though I wonder if Johnny Kitagawa is using this group to return to the agency's roots with having a group heavily based on performing musicals. With the talk about wanting to bring the Johnny's stage shows outside of Japan a group like A.B.C-Z would make sense, though I would wonder if they're learning/practicing English if that's part of the goal for this group. But this of course is a lot of speculation on my part and this year hasn't even ended yet and there is still time for surprise announcements to be made.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy the concerts were a success. It also looked like it was alot of fun from what I have seen from news clips.

I didn't really think ABC-Z could debut as a group, and I'll still have my doubts until it happens. There seems like there was debut talk with other jr. groups too and it didn't happen, but it would be amazing if they really do debut next year. I hope JE increases their promotions and they get on tv more too. I don't want to have to wait until feb for more announcements.

Chris said...

Finally they are getting their own stage show! It was about time.
I think they really can pull it off leading a show just by themselvs.
ABC-Z has everything what could make the audience entertain.
And I´m really curious to see what will happen next year to them, regarding a debut.

Anonymous said...

I really hope A.B.C-Z would debut. I read your blog and disagreed with you about some issues. One of them is Ebi's debut. Honestly, when HSJ was debut, people kept saying the juniors who were born in Showa period wouldnt get debut, and Ebikisu would remain juniors forever. But look at Kisumai now. I enjoy watching Ebi more than Kisumai so in my eyes, Ebi is always a candiate for a proper debut.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Anonymous #1

Well one thing A.B.C-Z has over the other groups is that Johnny himself has said that he wants them to have a CD debut. That and all the solo group activities are good signs that Johnny's has faith in them doing well enough on their own.

Of course there's always doubt, I know I had mine with Kis-My-Ft2 right up to their announcement to debut. But I think that's what made hearing the news so moving for me, to have all those doubts finally dispelled. So hopefully A.B.C-Z fans can share that same feeling.

@ Chris

When it comes to stage work I don't think there's any better group than A.B.C-Z as they've had so much experience with them. It's great that they finally get to be the leads this time around.

@ Anonymous #2

I never bought into that Showa era thing when HSJ debuted being a Kisumai fan and believing from the moment I saw one of their performances that they had what it took to debut.

A.B.C-Z definitely has the talent, plenty of Juniors do, but I have never been too sure if the group was all that marketable. Though after the success of these concerts I'm willing to admit that I was wrong to completely dismiss the chances of the whole group debuting as they do seem to have plenty of fans willing to support them after all.