14 November 2011

Hey! Say! JUMP officially down to nine

Well it's happened, Johnny's net has updated the profile page for Hey! Say! JUMP. The new group picture is only of the current nine members and Morimoto Ryutaro is no where to be seen as they have taken down his profile information. He has also been removed from the J-Web site. I think it's now clear that officially Ryutaro is out of the group and there are no current plans for a return.

From what I've heard from Johnny's fans that were around when NEWS lost Uchi Hiroki and Kusano Hironori it took quite some time before they were removed from the profile pages of their respective groups so this comes to no surprise to me. Whether people like it or not I think it's time to really start to accept that Morimoto Ryutaro is not going to return to HSJ. His scandal was just not something an idol, especially a young idol, can just be forgotten and forgiven in the industry. Especially not when the image of the group is clean and wholesome. It may be unfair but with the entertainment business very little is.

For his fans the best to hop for is that he decides to continue on with Johnny's and returns as a Junior again eventually, much like Uchi Hiroki. Of course it'll be his decision in the end to make and hopefully what he decides will make him happy as that'll be the most important thing for him, IMHO.

There might be a slim chance I could be wrong but it's more than likely that I'm not. As I've mentioned before on this topic Uchi and Kusano are the two cases most similar to Ryutaro's and as we can see from them an easy return won't happen. So even if it is possible for him to come back some day in the future it won't be just handed to him, he will have to do something to prove his dedication at least, much think those two had to go through being trainees before regaining Junior status again. After that it'll be in the agency's hands what they want to do with him and unfortunately no fan can really say what they'll decide to do when the time comes. But I just wouldn't keep your hopes up as Johnny's doesn't seem big on giving second chances, unless it's for their most popular talents, which unfortunately Ryutaro wasn't.

Personally even though I know this day has been coming it still feels like a blow to have it finally happen. I've been following HSJ since their debut and I honestly love each member as they each brought something different to the group despite its size. I honestly thought after enough time members that were shuffled in the back would each get a chance to shine a bit and it saddens me that Ryutaro never got that time or now ever will.

Not only that but just like the concert footage on the second limited edition DVD for Magic Power all video with him will be trimmed to cut him out as much as possible like with other groups that had members leave. And to me that hurts the most because I don't like it when it looks like Johnny's is trying to erase the past like that. Ryutaro's time with HSJ meant something to me, to his fans, to the group's fans and of course to the group members. But I don't see Johnny's changing their policy for this and I will treasure the DVDs I have of their concerts and PVs with all ten members as it'll be the only way to see those videos from now on without excessive edits.

This is a depressing way to start a week, especially since today is the 4th anniversary of HSJ's CD debut to top it all off. I guess they must have figured that it would be a good date to confirm as much as they will ever confirm that Ryutaro is gone and it will be the current nine that make up the group from now on. And while I understand the reasoning behind it I can't help but disagree with it, as the thought just makes me even more miserable about it all.

Whatever the outcome I just wish Ryutaro well with whatever path in life he chooses to take. And I hope others learn from his mistake so history doesn't repeat itself again.


Amai Yume said...

Well I guess I saw it coming so it's not really a surprise or anything...but the finality of it just sucks...

Hopefully Ryutaro learned from his mistake and will be able to find something that makes him happy (whether that means continuing on in Johnny's or not). And I really do hope he stays in Johnny's because even if he's not part of JUMP, I would hate to stop hearing about him...

And I REALLY hate when agencies edit footage to make people seem like they're not there...I mean, what's the point of that? What harm is it going to do? The person isn't there anymore so I doubt people will think they're condoning the action...

Anonymous said...

I don´t know anymore....
Just some days ago, his picture was still there, I still had hope he would come back and now this.
I feel so depressed right now, I´m crying but I know it won´t change anything. It´s so hard to accept.. no, I will never appect it. Ryutaro was my fav Johnny´s... how am I able to forget this so easily???
Maybe I need a break from the fandom because everytime I see or hear something with Jump, I want to run away, hide somewhere and cry.
Sorry for my negative post but for Ryutaro fans it´s so hard. I really believed he would come back.

Chris said...

Not much of a surprise for me but it´s still a painful news.
Somehow I don´t think Ryutaro will come back to being a Junior but of course I hope we´ll see him again in the future.
I think it´s important to continue supporting the 9-member JUMP who do very good even without Ryutaro.

Misa said...

Jeez, couldn´t they wait until HSJ´s anniversary is over???!!!
It´s like they did it on purpose.
Why are Johnnys doing this to us fans???
Now that´s what I call a nice anniversary present >_>

Thennary Nak said...

@ Amai Yume

I was expecting it too but it actually happening was more depressing than I imagined it to be.

I hope so too. I still think he was at fault for getting himself in the mess but I'm sure he's learned his lesson by now and probably knew he wasn't coming back long before this. So I can only wish him the best now.

I don't get the point either but it's been Johnny's standard procedure for as long as I know.

@ Anonymous

Don't feel bad about feeling crushed about this. I know if he was one of my favorites I wouldn't be able to take it well. So I think it's perfectly normal to act that way.

Well if it's too hard to find enjoyment with the group I don't think anyone will fault you for taking a break. Ultimately it's about what makes you happy or what's the point of being a fan of a group that makes you depressed?

@ Chris

Well we all have to wait and see at this point what Ryutaro will do. It's probably the hardest thing to do from my personal experience though.

Personally for me it isn't a question if I'll support the current HSJ line-up, from the moment the scandal broke I knew I'd keep loving the group no matter what. I hope others share the same sentiments, and who knows, maybe someday they will be able to talk about Ryutaro once more, especially if he does stay with the agency once more.

@ Misa

I think they felt that it would be appropriate to confirm the new line-up on the anniversary as a way to show that this is the version of the group that is continuing on. Like starting their new year as a group it will be as the nine that now remain kind of thing.

Though honestly it still doesn't sit right with me even if I understand the reasoning that was behind it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble but JE didn't release any official announcement yet as of now...They'll announce their final decision next month...So as of now, Ryuu's still under suspension...he's not officially out yet; he's still part of the group...