24 November 2011

Yamada stars in a new drama with a mother-complex

I guess I made my post for the day too early as I missed being able to include this news in it.

The rumored drama that Yamada Ryosuke has been attached to has now been confirmed. He will be in a drama on NTV called Risou no Musuko. His co-star Suzuki Kyoka will play the mother of his character who is a single mother that has raised him, Yamada's character, Daichi, has a bit of a mother-complex and keeps rejecting any potential suitors for her and when she gets a job at a all boys-school, with a reputation for having troublemakers,  transfers to that school to protect her.

Fujigaya Taisuke and Nakajima Yuto will also be in the drama as students at the school.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

I'm so excited for this drama. I like all the Johnny's in it and being a high school comedy series it sounds like the kind of drama that I will enjoy. And this means almost half of HSJ will now have a drama role in the winter season, and that's assuming that the rest of the dramas that haven't been announced or had their casts fully announced won't have a member in it.

What also has me excited is that with that kind of cast I think there's a good chance for HSJ to be doing the theme song for it. Though with the NYC single releasing in the first week of January it will probably be released last week of January or sometime in February but I think that's perfectly okay as long as it exists. But as Nakayama Yuma seems to be carrying most of the promotion for the new NYC single and HSJ have such a short winter concert tour I don't think it would be too hard to fit in a new HSJ single so soon. And now I can't help but wonder if they will if it will be announced at the winter concerts.

I'm also glad to see a Kis-My-Ft2 member get a drama role this season as well. I've been wondering how much longer after Ikemen Desu Ne a member would get a new drama role and this answers that question. And while it's not a lead role it will hopefully be prominent for Fujigaya and perhaps he can eventually soon move on to be the lead in a drama series.


Jackie said...

I just read your two posts and I´m feeling so excited right now!!

Chinen and Daiki, I´ve never seen them acting yet so I´m looking forward to see it soon.
But most happy is making me Yamada´s drama. The story sounds good and Yuto and even Taisuke are going to appear as well !
Taisuke is 24 but I´m glad that he´s still able to play a highschool role. I don´t see a problem with his age, since actors about 20 or higher often act as highschool students in japanese dramas.
I´m really happy,thanks for those news :D

Chris said...

Yay for 4 JUMP members and Fugigaya !
I´m not very interested in the cast around YamaP and Maeda Atsuko but I will watch just because Chinen will be there.
And I so can´t wait to watch Yamada´s drama ! I´m really excited!

Since I think that this NYC release is there to promote Yuma, it´s possible that JUMP will get a new single at the beginning of 2012. Especially since Yamada is one of the main in his drama, I hope that JUMP will sing the opening or ending of the drama.

Anonymous said...

I´m very happy about Yamada´s drama too but I really hope that the drama is interesting. As much as I like Yamada, I will stop watching if the drama is boring.
But reading the story, it sounds good to me :)

Kismy said...

Taisukeeeeee >333
omg, to be able to see him in a drama again makes me SOOOO excited XD *jumping happily around*

Anonymous said...

Would have preferred yuto in a different drama, lucky seven perhaps. It would have been interesting having them in different drama.. Different channels, different timeslots, different types of roles.. And promoting in their own different ways in the early jan concert. It'l be a good pun too.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Jackie

I'm rather excited too about the drama. I hope it'll be as good as it sounds.

I'm sure he would like to move on from high school roles, but they are popular for young actors like him. But at the moment I'm sure he is happy to keep getting work in dramas as it's sure to pay off eventually.

@ Chris

It is exciting to finally have such an active group with HSJ.

I hope we get a HSJ single from this drama too.

@ Anonymous #1

I'm pretty much that way about dramas too. Even if I like the actors if the drama itself doesn't interest me I can't get myself to keep watching.

@ kismy

Hopefully his supporting role will be a sizable one. But I'm glad to see him in another drama too.

@ Anonymous #2

Well they're not done announcing the casts for that drama, though I do admit I think it would be a bit too much to hope for another member of HSJ to get a drama role, IMHO.