15 November 2011

Ohno in a drama SP & some other tidbits

It has been announced that Ohno Satoshi will be starring in a drama SP that will air sometime during the 2012 New Year's period on Fuji TV. The SP is called Mou Yuukai Nante Shinnai and is based off a novel. The filming for the SP will begin near the end of the month.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

The reports for the recordings of December's Shounen Club episodes are out and some kinda good news for B.I. Shadow fans is that Matsumura Hokuto is reported being back already. From the bits I gathered he's been shuffled with Hip Hop Jump but it isn't too clear so we'll have to probably wait until the episodes air to see what that is about. Still no sign of Koichi Yugo though.

Then on a more related thing I had planned on doing a bit of a round-up post about Sexy Zone's debut yesterday but lost the drive to do so when I saw that update for Hey! Say! JUMP. But I'm still going to try to write that entry today, as it's something I want to get out before we get their sales numbers.


Jackie said...

Arashi members sure are popular, they get chosen for dramas so often. Not that I´m complaining, it´s great !!

I´m relieved to hear that Hokuto appeared on SC again but I wonder about Yuugo.
Maybe there´s something else than just having injured his collarbone, but since he appeared in magazines this month, I´m not really worrying.

I´m really excited for SZ´s debut today! I hope they´ll sell well.
If you type "Sexy Zone " in Youtube and choose the most recent uploads, you can see some videos of their promotion in Shibuya. Their PV is running on so many screens, it´s awesome!
Of course it´s not different from other Johnny´s debut, but still nice to see. And there are some vids of their trucks in shibuya as well.
Hope the best for them!!!

Chris said...

Hokuto with HHJ?! Seems like HHJ becomes the anchor for all leftovers :P
Shintaro, Hokuto and probably we´ll get to see Yugo there too. But let´s wait and see how it will look like in the actual episode.
I imagine that Hokuto must have felt very disappointed and hurt that he didn´t get to debut with B.I. but I´m glad that he´s still there.
I think he definitely has the looks but unfortunately I find him not that good in performing. It´s like I oversee him quickly, he´s not someone who catches my eye.
But there´s time to improve , so..

Oh, and congrats to Ohno for his new drama!

Thennary Nak said...

@ Jackie

Well when you're popular everyone wants you. ^__^

I guess there could be, as I know sometimes Juniors disappear for a while if they need to concentrate on studies, like for some of the big tests at school. But it could still be the injury as having photos taken isn't nearly as taxing as dancing and singing, I mean Kawai never missed a photo shoot with his injury but did miss SC tapings. But like you said unless he stops being in magazines as well then there shouldn't be too much worry about him.

Even if they weren't really known before Johnny's has done everything they can to make them be noticed now. It'll be interesting to see how their single does.

@ Chris

Well it's pretty vague how he was with HHJ as there doesn't seem to be a full report out yet. But I wouldn't be surprised if he is placed with HHJ as well as he's the right age for it. I think we need Yugo to return first to guess what will happen to him.

I agree that Hokuto needs to work on his stage presence. It probably wasn't easy to do with BIS as so much of the focus with that group was on Nakaken and Fuma. Yugo at least had a variety program to help him out. It'll be interesting to see if Hokuto decides to push himself more now after getting passed on debuting, kinda like Hasshi did after HSJ debuted.