27 November 2011

Sato Shori begins his conquest of Japan

It has been announced that Sato Shori will be making his drama debut this winter season by having a supporting role in the drama Hungry! This drama has Japanese actor Mukai Osamu and has SMAP member Inagaki Goro also in a supporting role.

If I'm reading the information right in the article he will have the role of the younger brother of the heroine of the drama.

Sanspo article. (Japanese)

Can't say I'm surprised at the news as I'm sure Johnny's has been planning this for some time so they can make the rest of Japan see what a star in the making he is. This should also be helpful for Sexy Zone in general as his popularity grows, especially considering Johnny's is insisting he's the center of the group. Of course this probably won't make a huge impact but it's a start and if the drama is a popular one it could be a really good start for him. So I wish the kid luck and if I have the time I may check this drama out myself as it sounds like it'll be a fun one.


Chris said...

Not surprised either. I was already expecting to see Shori in a drama soon, because the push from Johnny´s is more than obvious.
Since Mukai Osamu will play the lead, I´m sure many people will watch this drama and this means many people will see Shori too.
Who knows, maybe this is his first step into a bigger acting career as well?
I´m definitely checking out in order to see how he will act.

Jackie said...

Congrats to Shori for his first acting role!
Acting with Mukai and Inagaki is really a big deal and it´s a big chance for Shori to gain more popularity, also for SZ.
Accodring to the newspapers, the drama director chose Shori by himself when he went watching Kisumai´s concert in summer . He saw Shori on stage and was impressed by his shining eyes and everything, so he created this role for him.
As much as I want to believe this, I think JE had a say in this matter too, seeing how much they promote Shori and push him; isn´t it more that the agency tried to give him a drama role??
Because in my opinion, it would be a TOO big coincidence if the director really chose the pushed kid Shori just because he liked Shori in a few songs on stage. ´
I´m really interested to see how well Shori will do in acting. I´ve seen him acting a bit in Koisuru and he looked a bit stiff, since he isn´t used to act yet but playing in a real drama, he may show real talent, or maybe not.

Jackie said...

Also, even though Shori is playing "just" a supporting role, his name is everywhere on the title of those japanese news.
The drama itself with Mukai was announced much earlier and Shori was already chosen since summer...
If for example Shori´s name would have been included in the first announcement with Mukai, nobody would notice Shori and all attention would go to Mukai and Inagaki.
But seems like JE waited and used this right moment to publish news only with Shori´s name on the newspapers now.
I wouldn´t be surprised if we´ll see Shori playing in a butai too, in the nearer future. Tackey or Domoto Koichi don´t get any younger and it seems as if Nakayama Yuma will take over their positions and I could imagine that Shori will be the second one.
I like Shori and I´m excited to see what Johnnys have planned with him.

Karina said...

Even though I´m excited to see Sato Shori acting for the first time, I hope that especially Kento will get the chance to act again too.
I know that Shori is the center of the group but I really hope that the other members don´t get too much into the background.

Misa said...

Eeeeh, now Shori is getting a drama too??? Wow, he´s getting to act in a drama so fast !!! Just one year after joining JE.
Iyaaa, Yamada, Yuto, Daiki, Chinen, Yamapi and now Shori,,,
omg what happened to Johnny´s???
They are dominating the winter dramas, but this makes me so happyyyy XD
HeheI will be so busy with watching dramas in winter LOL

Anonymous said...

If I should tell the truth, I feel jealous and a bit annoyed.
I´m a big Nakaken fan and it´s hurting me everytime that Shori is placed always in the center and now he´s even getting a drama role. I feel like everything turns around Shori and I already expect it in the future to become even more extreme. After Yuma, Johnnysan has a new favourite and wants him to make the next big star.
It´s not that I hate Shori but I´m just a big big fan of someone else of this group and I really hoped that Nakaken would become the center of this group. Everytime I see their performances on TV shows, it´s really annoying and hurting me to see him so far back and especially that he´s not being filmed as much as Shori.
I admit that I feel a big jealousy and even though I try to think different and try to understand that Shori is the center of the group,, I still can´t accept it so easily. I know that it´s not Shori´s fault, he´s just doing what Johnny says but I can´t help feeling like I do now, being such big Nakaken fan.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Chris

I'm pretty certain this will be only the beginning for him when it comes to acting. Though until he's older he'll probably be hampered by what kinds of roles he can do.

@ Jackie

I'm pretty sure Johnny's played a bigger role in getting this role for Shori myself. The timing is a bit too coincidental.

Well it's usual way the casting announcements play out. You get the main characters announced usually with the drama and then one or two announcements about the supporting cast, especially if there are some big names attached.

I'm not sure if he'd go the butai route, but I guess we'll see.

@ Karina

I'm sure Nakaken will get his chances too. Acting is his strength after all.

@ Misa

They are dominating the winter drama season. But I won't complain. ^__^

@ Anonymous

I wouldn't get too worked up about it. Even if Shori is getting a role before Nakaken after the group's debut he still doesn't have a good chance at continuing to get drama roles for a while because of his age. Nakaken though is just about old enough for high school roles so he will probably end up being the more active one when it comes to dramas for a few years.