14 November 2011

Q&A Month: Question 5

As promised here's the second Q&A entry for today to make up for the day I missed a couple of days ago.

This time I'll be answering the second question Kismy left for me: And do you think there´s a chance that they´ll (Kis-My-Ft2) be in Kohaku this year?

Honestly Kouhaku performer lists is something I avoid doing as I don't have too much of an idea of how they make their selections. Though I do think the Johnny's that will be safe bets to be on the program this year are Arashi (as they already have been confirmed), SMAP and TOKIO, as the latter two have been regulars on the program for years. I would put NYC in the maybe pile because even if they haven't done much since early in the year they fill a purpose at Kouhaku for being youth oriented as the program is meant to be enjoyed by young and old.

If NYC doesn't perform this year though then I'm sure they'll be replaced by another Johnny's group, though I'm not sure if Kis-My-Ft2 would be considered a suitable replacement if they want another youth oriented group. I could be wrong, but that's just my impression.

Of course if the rumors about a shake up in who gets invites this year because of the crack down on artists with yakuza connections I can see Johnny's wanting to add another one of their groups to the line up. If so then I think Kis-My-Ft2 has a good shot. They're newly debuted, scandal free, will have two upbeat encouragement songs that they can choose from to perform and if they really do have one of SMAP's managers as their own then also the connections.

Though personally the rumors I've been hearing have Kanjani8 being on the list of Kouhaku performers this year. I'm not sure how they would work that unless NHK is willing to have them appear via satellite seeing as they have their New Year's concert in Osaka and would have to cancel it to perform at NHK Hall, which I don't see happening at all.

In any case the official list should be coming out next week and then we'll know who'll be there, outside of Arashi of course.

And as a reminder just in case you've missed the earlier posts for this if you have a question you want to ask this month please ask it in the comments of this post. I will make sure to answer them all even if I have to go past this month to do so.

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