31 October 2011

Q&A Month!

I've finally come to the conclusion that November is just going to be too busy with various things for me that I probably won't be able to keep up with almost daily entries as I have in the past couple of months. I would like to avoid that, as I have enjoyed being actively blogging as I have been. The History of Johnny's series of course is still on track and should continue being updated as usual throughout the month and I'll try to keep up with the Johnny's related news as I have before but outside of that I can't guarantee anything.

To try to avoid days without anything posted I've decided to open up for questions readers may have and never had the opportunity to ask for whatever reason. I think already have a topic to discuss it'll probably be easier to write something than to try to come up with one myself. And as long as it's about Johnny's I am game for at least giving it shot to answer whether or not I actually know one or have to go researching to find one.

If you want you can ask me non-Johnny's related questions as well (but nothing overtly personal please) and while I won't answer them on this blog I will on my other blog. I will make sure to put a link up on a post here so you know it's been answered without having to follow that blog as well if you don't want to.

I'll keep the question period open until the end of December. If I don't answer your question before then I will still answer it eventually. And depending on how successful this is I may make it an annual thing, but we'll see.

So please feel free ask away. There's no limit on how many questions you can ask.


Chris said...

This Q&A idea is really great because I had always some questions in my mind which I would like to ask you.

- for how many years are you a Johnnys fan already?
- have you ever been to Japan and watched a Johnnys concert?
- you blog about Johnnys in general but do you have a top favourite group or JE singer?

I hope those questions weren´t too personal.

If I´ll have other questions, I´ll come back and ask again,if you don´t mind.

Kismy said...

anooo..may I ask which member in Kisumai you like the most? And do you think there´s a chance that they´ll be in Kohaku this year?
(heard some rumours)

morishin said...

Hello,Shintaro fan here.
I´d like to hear your opinion:
do you believe he´ll ever regain his status as No1Junior as before?
I´m really frustrated how he´s been treated lately and I hope he´ll get more attention after SexyZone´s debut. >_<
What do you think?

Ani2 said...

First of all,
To be able to ask you any kinds of questions is such a wonderful idea!
Thank you very much for this and I also want to thank you in advance for all answers.

I heard that next year in May , JE will have their 50th anniversary.
I wonder if there will be some big event or party to celebrate it?
I don´t know if there was something like that for the 40th anniversary, but since 50 years is quite a number , I wonder if JE is planning something? Maybe concerts or so??

And another question: when the earthquake happened, it was said that there is going to be a charity single as well, but we haven´t heard anything of it anymore sadly.
Do you think the charity single idea has been cancelled now ?
I was looking forward to it so much..

For now that´s all I want to ask, but I´ll probably ask you something somehere later again.

markl02 said...

This question has to do with your interesting study of the history of Johnny's Entertainment. Do you wish you had been a fan of Johnny's during a different time of his idols? When do you think would be the most exciting time to be a Johnny's fan?

Maybe it's right now...I think with all the current debuts, shows, and idols, they're doing pretty well in 2011. But is there another time when you wish you were there to see it?

Kess said...

First off all, thank you for taking your time to answer our questions!

1. What is status of FiVe? As far as I know, they're not debuted, but they rarely seem to do back-up anymore. Yet, they are also doing their own shows overseas...
2. What are your thoughts on Question? becoming a debuted group?

Jackie said...

Since I love Kansai Juniors, I get worried that quite many left the agency this year.
I wonder if if it´s because they lost their hope to be able to debut?
I imagine it must be not that easy for Kansai Juniors. Kisumai debuted, now Sexy Zone and at the press conference of Tokyo´s Shounentachi, where 5 Kanju participated as well, they must hear how Johnny said that there is a chance to debut ABC-Z next year.
I´m not really surprised that many loose hope.
Well, since ABC-Z will probably debut next year, I somehow can´t imagine that we will get the next debut that soon.
But what do you think? Do you see a chance that some of Kansai Jr could debut in the (nearer) future?

Hasshi-Z said...

Hi nice to meet you^^

I found your blog just last week and find it really great!!!
I think your posts and opinions are all well-thought, informative and enjoyable to read.

I´m a very big fan of Ebi, they are my favourite Junior group and I follow them since already many years. As you could imagine, I got really frustrated everytime another group debuted while A.B.C.-Z stay behind being Juniors for way too long.
There was already a comment from Johnny-san about a possible debut when they did Shounentachi and this weekend Ebi held their first solo concert and Johnny-san again mentioned that they may debut next year. He even produced a new stage play just from them at Nissei.
I´m really really happy to hear all those news and my hopes of a debut are rising but there are times where I doubt Johnny´s words.
I don´t know, as much as I love Ebi, I somehow can´t imagine that they´ll become a unit to release CD´s . Rather than that I see them being more active in musicals/stage plays where they can show off all their talents.
I´m really worrying because Ebi sound so excited and full of hope for a debut next year, I imagine they´ll become even more hardworking from now on with lots of motivation...
I´m afraid that Johnny will change his mind for some reason and will drop them or even take just some selected members and create a new unit.
I just don´t want them to be fooled by Johnny-san and become sad or even quit T_T
Of course, I don´t know anything about Johnny´s plans and you also can´t foresee Ebi´s future but it would be nice to hear your answer:
do you really believe they´ll get a CD debut next year?
Sorry for asking a question about debuting because I see that some other readers had similar questions.

Anyway,I really thank you in advance! Take your time to answer, I´ll be waiting.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Japanese and plan to go to Japan next year after I graduate. Although I save a lot of money for the trip, do you have any advice how to spend less in Japan? Since I don't know Japanese and don't have anyone to go with, do you think I can still enjoy myself there?

natalie said...

Hi I have some questions!
- Do you think Question? will ever debut? Or if the group doesn't debut which members do you think will make it? I'm really hoping Igo Akun finally does somthing!!
- Since sexy Zone and Kisumai debuted so closely do you think that Sexy Zone promotions will effect who well Kisumai does?
- SOme people argue that NYC ad B.I.Shadow are fully debuted but they don't have a section on the Johhny's site. What is your opinion?
-Lastly do you think the CD debut's that were on offer in the SmapxSmap segment are gonna be a one off single or a full debut?

I love you blog!!

missnowz? said...

I want to ask your opinion on the current status of Matsumura Hokuto. I have heard that B.I.Shadow is still a junior group however that was only from one source. So, if B.I.Shadow is no longer together, where do you think Matsumura Hokuto fits in within the juniors?

Thank you ^^