12 October 2011

Some thoughts on Sato Shori & With You

Going through my files yesterday I found the Tozai Uta Gassen from last year, which was the special the Juniors did for New Year. At this event JaPAnese Hi had their first appearance and there were two members of the group that are now part of Sexy Zone, Sato Shori and Matsushima Sou.

Remembering this I went through the special to see if I couldn’t spot them as that would be their first appearance on TV. And while I failed to find Matsushima I did find Shori, and honestly it wasn’t that hard. I can’t help but think Shori had to be one of the Juniors in that group that probably stood out from the start so I can’t say I’m surprised with the fact that he’s gotten so much attention once he took to the stage on Shounen Club.

Sato Shori number 108

But while I can see him reaching the same levels of popularity of Yamada Ryosuke in time and with the right exposure, such as getting drama roles, I think Nakajima Kento will give him a good run for his money when it comes to being the most popular member of the group. Nakaken has time on his side as well as the fact that he’s gotten drama roles and I think he’ll get more now that he’s a part of a debuted group. And I think those are the two of this new unit that I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on.

Also with watching the first episode of this month's Shounen Club and paying attention to who has been singing the song With You I have the feeling this could very well end up being a B-side on Sexy Zone's debut single. Even though other Juniors have sung it all the members of Sexy Zone have as well and a portion of them have been in every performance of it so it's a song they all know by now and saves them from having to learn a new song to perform when they get their chance to perform something that won't be their debut song like when they start having concerts.


Anonymous said...

I´m more of a Matsushima fan but Shori really has lots of potential. He improves everytime I see him and if he continues to work hard and improving quickly like this, he´ll be able to become a great artist.
But still, sorry Sou is still my No. 1 , hehe XD

Jackie said...

Shori.. I can see so much talent in him despite being just one year in Johnny´s. He has the looks, charisma and a kind and nice personality too. He´s so much on the rise now!
But I haven´t heard him singing yet, so I would like to know about his singing qualities as well.

Kento will get a drama soon, I´m sure but I think if Johnny´s want to promote and push Shori as theyre doing now, he needs a drama too. So I´m not only interesting in his singing but also if he has acting talent as well.

Misa said...

I love "With you" so much~~~
I really want it to be on the B-side !!!
Shori is getting so much attention recently, even you mention him in the title of your post ^^
But do doubt, this kid is Johnny´s new favourite and becoming the new TOP-star ! :D
But I find Marius is so cute XD He´s beautiful and I love how he has trouble with his Japanese XD

Ani2 said...

Of all the members of Sexy Zone, Sato Shori is the most promising for me.
I guess he has a bright future ahead of him and even though Kento might have more fans at the moment, I could imagine that Shori will surpass him. But I see lots of potential in Matsushima So as well. He´s really good in MC /talk parts , has some unusual but handsome looks plus he´s performing quite enjoyable too. And didn´t he join JE just in March this year? It´s amazing how he got immediately to the front and debut immediately.
Marius is so young and he seems to be a bit unsure on stage but Johnny-san must have seen something in him. I´m sure he´ll improve with the time.

I agree with Jackie,I really want to hear those 3 singing live, but maybe they still need more vocal coaching until they are able to sing solo lines properly.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Anonymous

I think I just need to get to know the newer three of the group before I can pick favorites. Though a good thing about smaller groups is that it's easier for all members to shine.

@ Jackie

With the group being the size it is I'm sure we'll get a chance to hear they all sing. Though it sounds like the younger three will be facing changing voices sometime in the future though thankfully Nakaken and Fuma's voices are settled by now.

I'm sure they'll try to get Shori in a drama, though I think there will be the same problem Yamada Ryosuke faced in that there aren't too many roles for young teenage boys.

@ Misa

I think I like With You more than the song Sexy Zone so I also hope it'll be a B-side.

Well Marius gets all the attention during the press conferences. I think each member has a way to shine which is great and I hope it keeps up.

@ Ani2

I thought Sou joined earlier than that, but then again I haven't been paying that much attention to fresh Juniors post-JaPAnese Hi as there were way too many brought in with that group to be able to figure who was in that group.

Well I'm sure in future releases for the group we'll probably get chances to hear them all sing solo. I'm sure right now they're really busy in working on this debut and they should be getting a good amount of vocal training with that.

Jackie said...

@Thennary Nak

Yes, it´s hard to get drama roles for young teenage boys but Nakayama Yuma got to play the main in a drama at the age of 15, so almost the same age as Shori (I read that he´ll become 15 this October) and I think Yuma also acted as a main at 14.
Well but it´s really rare but seeing how much Shori gets pushed , I could imagine that they´ll be able to give him a drama role soon. May it be a mainrole or not.
Bu I hope that the other members of SZ get their chances to act as well.