22 October 2011

Little updates.

Well tomorrow I will finally be reaching the sempai groups of Johnny's with SMAP, which has me personally excited. These entries will probably be longer than the previous ones as it is just much easier to find information about these newer groups than the daisempai groups.

Of course since I've begun the project there's been a couple of major changes to the Johnny's line up which looks like I'll be doing this project for longer than I expected as I have more entries to right because of those. It's now looking like around the end of January, early February before I reach the stopping point.

I have decided that I'll be adding one last entry to cover anything I missed that I felt needed to be brought up. This will mainly be for the experiment that was Golf & Mike and I'm thinking about maybe just putting NYC into that instead of giving them their own entry as it's hard to tell what's going on with that group right now.

I also want to bring up that I have been putting update notifications for my blogs on my twitter. In fact that's pretty much what I'm mainly using it for these days as I just don't have much to say with it otherwise. So if you have your own twitter account and would like to know when I update my blogs feel free to follow.

And lastly I've seen the magazine photo of Yamada Ryosuke with blond hair and I'm still kinda in shock about it. He would have been one of the last Johnny's I would have thought to have ever seen seen with blond hair, and it is like Hikaru-blond too.


Jackie said...

But Yamada´s blond hair is just a wig, isn´t it? Or well, at least I hope so. The other pages, he has his brown hair as usual.

Misa said...

Yama-chan, what did you do to your beautiful hairrrr??!! T__T
I´ve seen the shoot and I´m shocked..
But I can´t understand so I don´t know if this is just a wig or not T_T

Anonymous said...

I´m looking forward to read your other Johnnys history posts XD
Eh, don´t tell me Yamada bleached his hair for real???? * goes to check out magazines*

Thennary Nak said...

@ Jackie

It's a really good wig if it is. I guess we'll know for certain next month if the blond is still there or not.

@ Misa

It looks pretty natural to me, so if it is a wig it's a really good one.

@ Anonymous

Thank you.

That's what it looks like to me, but there are many claiming it's a wig. I guess we'll find out when the photo shoots for next month's magazines come out.

Chris said...

Guys, don´t worry! It was just a wig !!!
My Japanese was good enough to read Myojo´s article that it was just a wig and Yamada asked the staff to put it on.
No worries, he still has his brown hair :D

Anonymous said...

I just wanna thank you for doing your series on the history of Johnnys groups, they really help me learn about the many groups, especially the daisempai ones. :)

Since you'll be touching upon Golf & Mike, could you also please write about Road To Asia? Cuz there isn't that much info on them, like how much J&A is involved in that project, if they're supposed to be a temporary group, and the future of the two Juniors that are in that group. Lol hopefully this isn't asking for too much. XD Thank you!! :D

Thennary Nak said...

@ Chris

They found a pretty good wig then. But I guess it makes more sense as he hasn't graduated from high school yet so such abnormal hair colors probably wouldn't be allowed.

@ Anonymous

You're very welcome, I'm learning a lot doing them as well.

I honestly forgot about Road to Asia so thank you for bringing them up. I'll probably see about writing something about them as they fit in the Johnny's experiments category with Golf & Mike. Though like I mentioned that entry probably won't be until end of January-early February if I keep on schedule.