27 October 2011

Johnny's announces 2012 Imperial Theatre schedule

Johnny's has announced that for 2012 they will have three different productions at the Imperial Theatre. The first is of course Takizawa Kakumei which will be for the month of January. The next will be Domoto Koichi's yearly Endless Shock production in the months of February, March and April. Then in November and December there will be a third production which will be a new play/musical. No other information is available about the third production.

Sports Yomuiri (Japanese)

It's pretty interesting that there will be a new production at the venue. I'm really curious to what it will be and who will be starring in it. But I guess we won't hear anything more about it until much later in 2012.


Jackie said...

I´m excited about that new show!
My personal guess would be either a show for the Juniors, JUMP, Sexy Zone or even Yuma.
Too bad it´s still long time to go until the actual show will start.

Kismy said...

I sooo hope that Johnny created the new musical for Kisumai or at least for one member of them >_<
(I would die to see Taisuke as the main )

Karina said...

So there won´t be Dream Boys anymore in September?
Do you think Johnnys will cancel DB completely or search for another leading role?
Takki was doing it before, then Kame and now..?

Chris said...

Great that there will be a new stage show next year and it will be interesting to see who will participate there.
Yuma is being pushed a lot for stage shows, so it may be possible that something will be created for him but I also could imagine that ABCxyZ will become main , because it will be the year they´ll (hopefully debut). Sexy Zone members are too young to lead a whole stageplay in my opinion. Yuma will be 18 by that time and I think it´s also a bit early to lead a show but Yuma is talented , he could manage it.
But maybe the show will become totally different from what I imagine, you never know in Johnny´s world.
I remember how Johnny-san said he wants to create a show better than Broadway.

Anonymous said...

Wow, why is SHOCK running always for so long? O_O
Does it attract more poeple than for example Takki Kakumei??

Thennary Nak said...

@ Jackie

I don't think I'll guess for the new show. Though I think SZ would be too young to lead a musical.

@ Kismy

I think it would be great if Kisumai gets a musical, even if it's not for all seven members but they do all have a good amount of experience with theater work.

@ Karina

Looks like it. Honestly I never followed DB much so I won't venture a guess.

@ Chris

I'm not sure if they'd have Yuma lead a show before he had a major debut that was more stable than NYC. I think you're right about SZ. A.B.C-Z does seem like they could be likely but so could Kisumai.

It'll be interesting to see what the musical will be about, IMHO. And of course if there will be flying or not because this is Johnny's.

@ Anonymous

I honestly don't know. My guess is that it must be successful enough for it and Koichi is willing to do it for that long.