15 October 2011

Fighting Kansai! and some release predictions

Kanjani8's upcoming album is now up for pre-order and all the track information for it is up.

Like their last album there will be three editions, the two LEs come with a DVD with a PV for one of the songs off the album on each. The RE will have bonus tracks which include solos for Nishikido Ryo and Shibutani Subaru while the rest of the group will split into smaller units for two more songs. The album will be released on November 16th and the title is FIGHT.

They seem to be pulling it rather close when it comes to putting this album up for pre-order but IIRC it'll still be out just in time for their concert tour.

With this release announcement I think there's still a chance for Sexy Zone to release their single on the same day as this album. It's calling it close when it comes to pre-order time but with all the promotion SZ will be getting in November because of the volleyball tournament it wouldn't make much sense to delay this release until December. They're already scheduled to be on Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ with filming on the 25th of October so I'm sure by then they'll have the sate for the single as I'm sure that's just the start of the promotions they'll be doing all of next month. But I will concede to being wrong if the single doesn't go up for pre-order within a week as it would be cutting it too close any later than that.


Jackie said...

Awesome! This year is soo good for K8!! I´m pretty sure the album will sell very well.
I hope that they´ll continue being that busy also in the next year.

Chris said...

I´m not a fan of Kanjani8 but I´m sure there´re many fans out there who get exctied about the ablum.
Of course I also hope it to become a great success!

Yes, th 16th is still possible for Sexy Zone. Hoping for an announcement soon and I´m excited for their performance in HEYx3

Thennary Nak said...

@ Jackie

Considering next year is their 8th anniversary I'm sure they'll be extra busy for it. Which means it really is a good thing that Ryo quit NEWS or it probably would have been another year without anything from NEWS otherwise.

@ Chris

I like them enough to pick up their albums so I'm excited for this release.

November is going to be a fun month for those interested in SZ as they should be every where. I'm really curious to see how much they've improved since their debut performance as I'm sure they've all been mainly practicing the routine since.