19 October 2011

A bit of a follow up.

Well today the spoilers for next month's SC came out. So if you don't want to be spoiled I suggest you stop reading right now. If not then I'll like to continue on some of the things I said in my last post as some of that can be seen with what's been reported for this upcoming SC.

I'm most surprised that Kis-My-Ft2 is coming back. I really thought they would be wrapping up their time on SC now that they have other programs to be on. Though I guess KAT-TUN hung around SC for sometime as well post-debut so it isn't too out of the ordinary. I just kinda wish they had a new single to promote on SC.

Another interesting bit is that there seems to be a lot less live footage recorded at this taping. Such as only one Junior Battle game filmed instead of the usual two. I have the feeling this is because we're going to be getting a lot of VTR footage with these episodes and of course the footage will be all about SZ and their debut.                                                                                      

And A.B.C-Z is back and performing as a complete group. Kawai Fumito is reported to be able to walk around just fine and did simple dance moves, so while he's still not completely recovered he's getting there and at least he's out of the wheelchair. There actually seems to be more A.B.C-Z than Kisumai for these episodes, which makes sense if A.B.C-Z is truly being geared up for a debut sometime next year.

And I will confess the performance I'm most looking forward to is a Hashimoto Ryosuke and Kyomoto Taiga duet of Ai Nante in the A.B.C-Z medley. They're two of my favorite singers in the Juniors and Ai Nante is one of my favorite NEWS songs, so it's bound to be a real treat for me at least.

Morimoto Shintaro is not only with Hip Hop Jump but is reported to be wearing the same outfits as the group. I don't follow magazines but I'm hearing he's also been appearing with the group in those lately so I think it's clear that Johnny's must be thinking about having him join the group. I think that it'll be interesting to see that happen as I don't think he'll be shoved to the back, instead he'll probably be co-lead with Tanaka Juri with performances. I think Juri is proving to be the better MC and I can see him filling that position even if Shintaro is added to the group. Even though Shintaro isn't getting pushed as much as he once was he's still one of the most familiar faces of the Juniors and has done a lot to gain a fanbase so I don't think it would make a lot of sense to push him in the back, and they haven't quite done that either as he still gets interviewed and solo lines, if anything he's just getting the same kind of promotion most Juniors do.

And as Shintaro seems to be merging with HHJNozawa Yuki and Sanada Yuma continue to act more like a duo than members of their group, Mis Snow ManMSM is actually performing in these episodes but NonSana are separated from the rest of the group for their performances. Honestly by now I'm not surprised as this has been happening more often than naught with this group.

It's reported both Koichi Yugo and Matsumura Hokuto are nowhere to be seen at this recording. It's not too surprising. Yugo is out most likely because of his injury, which from what I've heard is a broken or fractured collarbone so he's bound to be out for a while. And Hokuto not there is most likely just part of the standard protocol when it comes to popular groups only having some members debut. It could be seen with Hey! Say! JUMP's SC appearances where Yamashita Shoon was no where to be seen for a while but eventually began to show up again eventually, though was still kept away from interacting with his past group members. But I think as B.I. Shadow wasn't around for as long and Yugo and Hokuto are younger so hopefully they won't be as strict as they were with Ya-Ya-Yah and it's members post-HSJ debut.

So looking at what's been planned and putting it against my memory of what happened last time a V-ball debut happened then it seems like I'm not too off for now. If anything though status changes with the Juniors is a constant thing so I'm sure there will still be surprises, especially as new Juniors are always being added.


Karina said...

Kisumai will be there again? Sigh, I love them but it´s time for them to leave SC. I mean in the last episode , they were all over the place and I just wish they would have given the screentime to the Juniors.
But well, it´s not Kisumai who decide on this.

I´m most happy to see A.B.c.-Z again! I missed them a lot this month.
And I really hope Hokuto will come back.....

Chris said...

Wow Hasshi and Taiga singing Ai Nante together??
That´s something I really look forward to!
Both are great singers but for my personal taste, I just love Hasshi´s voice more than Taiga´s.
Hasshi has a really wonderful, nice and smooth voice and he´s great in ballads.
Taiga of course too.
So yeah, can´t wait for it!

Thennary Nak said...

@ Karina

Well from the report they will probably be around for one of the episodes and not the other like this month. So at least they are cutting back on how much they're there. Both SZ and A.B.C-Z will be featured more than them from the sounds of it.

It will be great to have A.B.C-Z return as they haven't been on for a while because of Shounentachi. It just doesn't quite seem like SC without them.

@ Chris

I'm really excited about that performance and hope it will be in the first episode of the month.

I don't think there are many Juniors that are on the same level as Hasshi and Taiga when it comes of vocals so having them sing together should be fantastic.