16 October 2011

Sexy Zone is making you pony up your cash.

I'm quite happy when my predictions are right so you better believe I'm feeling quite pleased with myself to see that Johnny's net has updates with information about Sexy Zone's debut single. As I guessed it will be released on November 16th and With You is a B-side on the single.

Things of note is that they are releasing the single on a non-Johnny's label, Pony Canyon (another sign this is not a one-shot debut even though it's listed under Juniors still, but so was Kis-My-Ft2 until the release date of their single), and there are as many versions of this single as there are members of the group. There are four limited editions, three of the four coming with a DVD, and a regular edition which have a different bonus track from the fourth LE. The title track and With You will be on all five versions.

The four different DVDs are, the MV (version A) for the title track, a close-up version of the MV (version B), then the offshoot footage (making of) for the MV & jacket shoot as well as a special interview (version C). The fourth LE will simply have a B-side not on the other versions.

The regular edition also have the difference of one having a picture label (a picture on the disc) and profile cards, I believe you get one of five and each is a solo shot of each member

Personally I'm just getting the versions with the music. While I'm warming up to the group I don't think they'll be up there with my top favorites, NEWS & Hey! Say! JUMP, but may end up being close like Kis-My-Ft2 & TOKIO. I kinda feel bad for the people who are big fans of the SZ boys as they'll have to shell out a lot of money to get all five versions, about what one would expect to buy two albums with. Even more if you're a fan who must have one of those cards for each member, which can quickly get costly as you probably won't be able to tell whose card you have until you open it.

With the five editions I'm waiting to see the covers as there's just this feeling that each cover will have a different member center or something. But that's just a personal hunch.

EDIT: Found the OHP for SZ on Pony Canyon's website and they have a typo on their page bar (or whatever you call the thing that tells you the name of the page you're on the top of your browser) which I'm finding hilarious because I am tired and it doesn't take much to make me laugh right now. Instead of Sexy Zone it just has Sex Zone, which I guess is a good reminder of how much worse this name could have been.


Misa said...

OMG Five editions O_O Too much for fans!!
Abolutely don´t know which to choose . I can´t buy all T_T
But I´m happy that With you is in there too XDD

Chris said...

It´s a bit shocking that they´re releasing so many editions but thinking about it, it´s not much of a surprise.
Sexy Zone is still quite unknown and the more editions they have , the more they´ll sell.
Also Not Yet will release on the same day, if I´m not wrong, so JE is trying everything to get them to No.1.

I´m probably buying only one edtiion. I´m not that big fan and I don´t have that much money, so I´m thinking about buying the version with the making of.
I want to get to know them better!

Jackie said...

Unfortunately I won´t be able to buy anything .. it´s just I was recently ordering Playzone 2011 DVD and this was already really expensive enough for me. Plus Christmas is coming up ..the timing is reeally bad.
Still I´m a bit releaved that I don´t have to make a decision because I know, I wouldn´t be able to choose fom all those editions.
Everything sounds nice!
Even though I won´t be able to support them sadly, I hope that the debut will become a great success!

Anonymous said...

Johnny-san wants all of our money T_T I´m thinking the whole day which editions to choose but even now I don´t know D:
I want everything but can´t buy everyhing, that´s my problem.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Misa

You're far from the only one who has that trouble.

I'm glad With You is there as well.

@ Chris

Exactly. Though I don't think Not Yet will be as big a threatto number #1 as people are making them out to be. Sure they'll sell a good amount but debut singles from Johnny's tend to always do really well and will probably outsell a sub-unit group.

That's the one LE version with a DVD that I'm tempted to get but in the end I know I'll be happier with the songs.

@ Jackie

That's perfectly understandable. After being a Johnny's fan for so long I have had to really think about which groups I am willing to buy releases of though there really isn't a group I dislike.

@ Anonymous

That seems to be most fans' problem. They've made it so hard to just pick one or two versions.