04 October 2011

KAT-TUN's Birth

The single for KAT-TUN's song that will be used for the theme song of Kamenashi Kazuya's new drama, Yokai Ningen Bem, has been announced. The title track is called Birth and the names of the B-sides are not known yet. It will come in three editions and be released on November 30th.

Both limited editions come with a DVD. The first one is just the title track and the PV with making of while the second has a B-side only for it and that B-side will have a PV as well. The regular edition comes with three other B-sides that won't be on the other versions of the single.

As good as it is to see KAT-TUN release singles on a regular basis despite the plans for this year that had to cancelled I do hope they will be releasing an album next. I'm sure by now they have enough singles for one.

And with this single coming out the final week of November then it means the only other dates that Sexy Zone's debut single has will be November 9th, 16th or 23rd. And since SKE48 is releasing on the 9th and their last single had pretty high sales I'm sure we'll have the release be the 16th so they can start off with a number 1 single like most recent Johnny's groups have.


Anonymous said...

Even though i think that anything coming from JE is high quality, Sexy Zone shouldn't release anything on the 16th Nov due to AKB48's Not Yet releasing their new single on that day and so far, they have been getting no.1 on the weekly charts.

Just thought you should know.

Jackie said...

I´m looking forward to KAT-TUN´s new single!
Hoping for a more rockish song.

As for Sexy Zone, I worry a bit about the sales. We still don´t know the release date but seems like it´s hard to find a perfect date for the release.
the group is still quite unknown, still I hope of course that they get No1. at Oricon, especially since it´s their debut single.
When Kisumai debuted, they had a much bigger fanbase.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Anonymous

I think Not Yet isn't enough of a threat with their sales for Johnny's to avoid that day. Both of Not Yet's previous singles sold about 150K their first week and honestly with the amount of promotion SZ will get in November and just the fact that Johnny's debut singles tend to do well in general I'm sure their sales will be around 250K or more so unless one of the main 48 groups release something SZ should be able to bet the sub-units.

@ Jackie

I hope they stick with the more rockish songs myself.

I'm sure if Johnny's is worried about competition they'll make sure they can get around it. Like maybe doing like they did with KAT-TUN's debut single and have each member of the group have a cover featuring them to get a sales boost from the die-hard fans or something like that.

Very true, which is why they did so well with their debut single. But debut singles in general for Johnny's groups tend to do well so I would guess SZ will do about 250K or more with theirs.

reimin said...

i am really curious how this single will sound. Kame did say Birth is a kind of song they haven't done before. considering the many genres they have dabbled into, makes me wonder what else is there to experiment on? I'm hoping this would be a pleasant surprise and at least the main B side is rockish. Kame drama theme songs generally sell better so I hope the group can return to their previous status quo with this single.

Anonymous said...

If only they would release something like"Lips" again, I would be the happiest Kat-tu fan.
Well,,,, hopefully it won´t be something like "Going" at least >_>