19 October 2011

Arashi to co-host Kohaku once more

The hosts for the annual Kohaku Uta Gassen have been announced and Arashi will be the hosts for the white team again this year. The red team will have actress Inoue Mao as host.

Nikkan Sports (Japanese)

I have the feeling this announcement makes Hana Yori Dango fans happy.

Also with this announcement I think we can see this year's Johnny's Countdown concert to be like last year's, with Kanjani8 in Osaka, Arashi not being able to make it to the Tokyo Dome because of their hosting duties and will just film something at NHK Hall instead like last year and of course Tackey & Tsubasa at the theatre Tackey will be having his musical in as that starts on the 1st. And this year there will probably be some VTR footage of SZ like they had with Hey! Say! JUMP when the whole group was too young to participate. Though this year all the active members of HSJ are finally old enough to participate in Countdown so I look forward to that.


Jackie said...

Arashi again? Well why not? I´m okay with that^^

I´m wonderng which JE groups will attend Kouhaku this year.
V6 and SMAP are regulars and I heard about some rumours that TT and Kisumai might attend as well. Because this time the show will be longer than usual so maybe JE can take more groups but I won´t believe in those rumours until some real confirmation.
But I don´t believe NYC will be there agan this year, they just hadn´t enough activities this year and just one single..

I´m looking forward to see finally the whole HSJ on stage this year!!!

Chris said...

Hmmm, I would have preferred if Arashi would be at JCD. I´m a bit disappointed that they won´t be there but of course the hosing job for Kouhaku is something really prestigious.
Wouldn´t it be nicer if only one member would do the hosting? Last year it felt so weird because they outnumbered Matsushima Nao. 3 against 1.. I think Sho Sakurai could have been a great host too, alone.
I hope we´ll get to see the participation list for Kohaku soon. Exctied to see which Johnny´s will be able to perform there.

Ani2 said...

Aww, Arashi not at Countdown again.. but on the other side I´m happy that they´re on Kohaku again as hosts.
I guess, on the countdown we´ll get to see lots of SZ footage and they´ll sit in the Dome and watch the show.
I´m not sure about Yuma though.
Last two years, they also showed some recording of NYC but this year they only had Yume Tamago and it was at the beginning of the year. Now we don´t hear anything of this unit so I´m not sure if there´ll be a recording of them at the countdown.
My guess is also that they won´t perform at this year´s Kohaku again as well.
But HSJ is finally legal and everyone is able to sing on stage live at the countdown, that makes me happy !! And I want to see the new NEWS formation there!

Thennary Nak said...

@ Jackie

Well they're trying to go all out this year so it makes sense to invite the full group back to host again, IMHO.

It's SMAP and TOKIO that are the regulars, and I'm sure they'll both be there this year too.

I wouldn't be surprised if Johnny's tries to get another one of their groups on the program than usual but I'd rather just wait and see. Though I do agree that NYC may not be back this year.

I can't wait to see them all on JCD finally. I've been waiting since 2007 for it.

@ Chris

I'm not so found of all the different locations to cover all the groups at JCD myself, but I don't see Arashi ever passing on such an opportunity myself.

I think we still have about a month or so before that list for Kohaku comes out. It'll be interesting to see who they get this year.

@ Ani2

I'm sure Arashi will have something for the JCD like they did last year as well, so they'll still sorta be there.

I always find it a bit sad for the under-18s having to just sit and watch JCD. Though it'll probably be sadder still when four years later when Sou and Marius are still watching JCD but will have the next volleyball group there with them.

It's frustrating not knowing what's going on with Yuma. But I wouldn't be surprised to see NYC not at Kohaku this year.

I can't wait to see all of HSJ at JCD and the new NEWS myself.