11 November 2011

Matsumoto Jun gets lucky

Matsumoto Jun will be starring in a drama series for the winter season. The title of the drama is Lucky Seven and will air in the Getsu9 (Monday, 9PM) slot on Fuji TV. It will begin airing sometime in January.

The drama will focus on a team of seven detectives, which Matsumoto will be the rookie member of. The drama is being said to be full of action and comedy.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

I guess as Arashi fans are doing so as well I'm wondering if the group will be doing the theme song for the drama. I can't recall the last time they didn't when it came to one of their members starring in a drama and January seems like it would be a good time for them to release their next single as their latest single was only released this past week.


Misa said...

Thanks for this news :D
Can´t wait to see MatsuJun in a new drama XD

Anonymous said...

new drama=new single !

If the story will be nice then I will check the drama out but I´m even more looking forward to their new single.
I really love Arashi´s songs^^

Thennary Nak said...

@ Misa

I'm interested in it too, as I prefer the lighter dramas and it sounds like this one will be one of those.

@ Anonymous

I'm 99% sure that it will mean a new single too, but one never knows about that 1%.